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Finally got around to getting a picture taken of the dolls my mom and I made for the girls for Christmas. Took a lot of work...but it was totally worth it.

Now Gray is asking for one for his Birthday...


Jan. 11th, 2013 07:35 am
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When Ike came home on the last day of school before Christmas he says to me "Sorry Mom...your present just isnt''ll have to wait." I said "no problem"

Yesterday when I pick him up from school he has this huge cabbage in a plastic bag.

"Is that your's Ike?"
"Yep! I grew it in Gardening class"
"Awesome! It looks beautiful!"
"Merry Christmas Mama!"
"This is for me?"
"Yea, it wasn't ready to be picked before vacation, it was ready today."
"Did you get to choose what to grow?"
"Yep. I chose a cabbage 'cause I knew that's something you would like"

He's right...I weighed it, 3lbs 15.5 oz. It's a big cabbage. It's slated to become coleslaw and jalapeno saurkraut.

Doesn't he look so proud?

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Well Santa (Joe) was good to me!

I got

Cross Stitch Messenger Bag
A  Three Strand Mommy Bracelet with my kids names.
OoTS T-shirt (What a lovely double entrendre =) )
Lots of cool movies and books and cool cash to pay for my stitching shopping spree earlier in the month

The kids of course made out like bandits. Lots of generous family and friends. The big winner? The trampoline. We got a mini trampoline for the kids and they all love it. The dolls are cool, books are okay, but that trampoline rocks.  =)

Dinner went well. Everything tasted good and there was more than enough for everyone to eat. We had 14, including the kids, for supper. The prime rib was perfect, my experiment with the sweet potatoes was successful, the potatoes were a bit overdone, and the broccoli was a bit scorched (I accidentially let the pot run dry). Full tummies, lots of loving family (and everyone here today was family, whether related by blood or not),  and good memories.

It was a good Christmas.
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And another batch of cookies in the trash.

I'm running short of the GF AP flour I use. So for Chocolate crinkles I decided to try using an AP flour my mom bought me. It uses four different flours to make the 1 to 1 mix and the base is garfava flour. (A combination of Garbanzo and Fava Bean flours) which upon previous attempts at using proved to be bitter and just plain Blecky. It is recommended that you use this flour with strong tasting things to cover the bitterness. Molasses cookies, pumpkin bread, etc, etc. I figured that any recipe that has 4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate would be enough to cover up that taste.

I was wrong.


Although Joe is still eating them. I'm not surprised mind you...but as he said "Its chocolate rolled in sugar...I'm eatin' it." and "I've eaten my own cooking. Its gotta be a lot worse than this for me not to eat it."

I didn't even finish my first bite of the second cookie, I spit it out. And 20 minutes later the bitter, yucky aftertaste is still with me. Blech! Just nasty. This is starting to make me a bit discouraged in attempting to bake using my own recipes. I'm beginning to wonder if its worth the trouble. However, I just don't want the kids to see all the baking I do come from boxes and mixes. I love to bake. I'm just finding it annoying to try and bake gluten-free.

EDIT The kids apparently think these cookies are worth pulling out of the trash. Ew.
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So there are several 1 cup to 1 cup replacement gluten free flours out there. And they all say something along the lines of "Use in your favorite recipes without adjustments"


Wish List

Dec. 6th, 2007 09:51 am
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Its that time of year, so what the hell. I'll post my want list here

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is Maid Service.

Joe won't let me get a house boy, so I guess paying for maid service is the answer.

Really, maid service. I would love it. Someone to clean my house? Oh yea!
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for [personal profile] allanh

These were stitched by Nancy in the Legacy Guild. I thought they were really pretty. However, then I started to look a little closer. If you tilt your head to the left, you'll see that the trees are actually names and their mirror image to make a tree.

From left to right: David, Nancy, Samantha, Douglas, Victor, Shawn

Is that cool or what?

Okay, even cooler. I just showed the pic to my mom and she said she'd buy the charts for me as my christmas present. Woo Hoo! Now I don't have to break the rules of my 10-25-50 Challenge!


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