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I had an idea.  We now live in a town we know nothing about. We need to explore while dragging four kids with us, and we need a way to keep them happy. I think I figured it out.

Ice cream.

We'll explore Portland by seeking out the best ice cream shop in town. So tonight's entry? Cloud City Ice Cream

Rating system 0-5 spoons with 5 being the best ice cream you've ever had...and 0 is stuff headed for the compost pile

Joe: sea salted cookie dough. Think Ben & Jerry's, but with sea salt. Four spoons.

Jen: Nutella. starts with chocolate, ends with smooth hazelnut goodness. Four and a half spoons.

Ike: organic mint in a gluten free waffle cone. Clean mint flavor. Four spoons.

Elli: Circus Friends. vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and Mother's frosted animal crackers. Four spoons.

Gwen: Bourbon vanilla. Two spoons.

Gray: Organic Mint. Five spoons.

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Back in 2000, when Joe and I were childless, we found ourselves without plans for Christmas Eve dinner. We decided to go for a walk and see what, if anything was open. We found that our favorite hole-in-the-wall Indian restaurant was open and thus started a tradition that has lasted 12 years. That restaurant changed hands at least 3 times since that night, but we've always had our Christmas Eve dinner from this place.

No longer. =( Earlier in the year we attempted to have dinner there and found out that it went belly up. Which is a damn shame as it was always good food and great prices. We haven't found a replacement yet (the other Indian is closer to the hospital, but more high-end and more expensive), so this year we are having take out from a Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall restaurant that we recently discovered.

Yea for Takeout!!!
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Today is the first day of Stitches West. Since I am taking classes, I got to attend the pre-public market. Lots of walking, lots of shopping. Freeway home is a parking lot. Stopping for food before I pass out...hoping this kills the massive headache I've got.

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So I'm sitting down to eat some dinner and some yummy potato salad I made with some help from Gray (he sat on the counter while I mixed things up), and the spoon hits something hard...what in the world could it be?

Yep! You guessed it! A large purple six sided die.

I Still have no idea when he sneaked it in. Its not a normal ingredient.
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In honor of Pi Day, I decided to bake a pie.

I had one gluten free pie crust in the freezer and after perusing my ATK cookbook I settled on a Triple Chocolate Pecan Pie. Except I didn't have any pecans in the house. So I used walnuts, which are my favorite baking nuts.

Awesome. Totally awesome. Lots of walnuts, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a pecan pie karo syrup type filling (brown sugar is soooo much better!). Tasted like the ultimate chocolate chip cookie pie to me...and it was gluten free!

Sorry there's no food porn. We just had to eat it.


Oct. 9th, 2009 04:19 pm
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My Freezer in the garage is full! I don't think I could even fit in a kleenex, its so stuffed. I got a 1/4 of a steer and a 1/4 of a hog. I got 3 things I don't know what to do with
  • pig trotter
  • skin-on pork belly bacon (I bet [ profile] allanh 's husband Randy can think of something to do with this!)
  • beef tounge

I'll figure something out with the pig bits...I'm not so sure about the tounge...I object to eating something that can taste me back. I've never had it before...might be time to try something new.
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Freshly boiled spaghetti, leftover homemade pesto, chunked up cooked chicken, parm, fresh pepper.


Elli at least likes it.

And there's enough for Joe to eat when he gets home.
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Since I also indulged in the sugar fest this afternoon, I wanted something fairly simple for dinner. Leftovers!

Spaghetti, chopped greens, lots of homemade pesto, sprinkle of parm, fresh ground pepper.

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Now that we are no longer receiving boxes from Live Earth, I'm thinking it might behoove me to start thinking waaaay ahead for menus. I have what seems like an amazing amount of food stuffed into my freezer, and I want to actually use it (what a concept huh?). I have an inventory on the outside of the freezer. I want to eat as much as possible out of the freezer for the next couple of months, for a couple of reasons. First, if I eat food I've already paid for, I'll reduce my grocery bill (This week's grocery bill really reflected a HUGE difference). Second, I need to make room for all the stuff that will start rolling in next spring. If I don't eat what's in there, I won't have room for new stuff.

I don't know if I want to do a whole month (or heck, just the rest of the month) but it might help a lot if I come up with 30 (or so) dinner ideas, based on what I have socked away and then plan weekly menus accordingly.

Okay so I went through my inventory sheets and came up with this list. Its almost 30 items long and its a good start and should put a big dent into my freezer. If I want to put in a bigger dent, I should plan some desserts too. I've got LOTS of frozen fruit too. I may add that later.

Cut for length )

Edit # 2: Desserts

The dessert list )

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Tonight's dinner was one of those eating sessions where you could tell I'm pregnant. I ate:

2 bean (homemade refried!) and cheese tacos with a load of hot taco sauce
a bowl and a half of cucumber salad (sliced cukes, kalamata olives, sliced peppercini peppers, red wine, olive oil, greek seasoning)
leftover candied sweet potatoes
half of a leftover quesdilla
a cup of hot chocolate (Thank you [ profile] allanh  for introducing me to Ovaltine!)

And I ate it all standing up while making burritos and quesdillas for everyone else.

None of that really goes together does it?

But it tasted really, really good.

I think I'll top it off with a triangle of scharffenberger.

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So Ike has been pestering me to make him a pumpkin pie. And I've been putting him off.

Today, I had the time and inclination, so I made him a pumpkin pie.

Or at least I tried to. I didn't notice that I grabbed the wrong type of canned milk until I cracked open the can of Sweetened Condensed Milk. I was supposed to grab a can of Evaporated Milk. Crap. Now what do I do with the open can.


*light bulb*

I'll make fudge!

So I made a batch of Microwave Fudge. It didn't set up like it usually does (I've parked it in the Microwave where the kids can neither see nor get to it), but the oven's been on all afternoon. So its a really nice soft fudge.

Yum. Fudgy goodness!

Now that he's cleaned and vacuumed the living room. I'll give him some as a bonus goodie.
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So earlier in the week I found out that there's a place in Downtown SJ that sells Gluten-Free pizza. I haven't had non-homemade pizza in 2 years. I begged, pleaded convinced my friends that it would be a great place to go for Mom's Night Out.

So we went. And it was....

Good. Different, but good. As it states in the name, its east coast style pizza, so it has a wafer thin crust, a light smear of sauce and not much on the toppings. Very different style than the pizza I grew up on and loving. But I did enjoy it. It costs an extra 5 bucks for the GF pizza and it comes in only one size, which is frustrating. I think it needed a bit more sauce. I know its not supposed to, but the problem with GF crusts is that it literally soaks all the sauce in, unless you put on a lot. So next time I'll just ask them to put more on.

I'd happily go back, but not very often. My share of dinner alone (medium, one topping pizza, half sized salad, water) was $40.00. That's a lot of money and a lot of GF pizza I can make at home.

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I got the latest copy of "Living Without" this afternoon. Its a magazine dedicated to people with food allergies and I get it for the gluten free recipes (about 99% of them). So while I ate dinner I perused it. In the letters to the editor section, someone wrote in saying they had really good gluten-free pizza at a place called Amicis East Coast Pizza. Which is based in Northern California.


Googled the name, found there's a restaurant in Downtown San Jose. I gave them a quick call and confirmed that they do in fact serve gluten-free pizza.


Friday is Mom's Night Out. I'm asking that we go there so I can have the first non-homemade pizza in almost 2 years.


Yea Me!

Jul. 24th, 2008 05:23 pm
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I got a present in the mail today!

I got a 12 qt pressure canner from my MIL. Yea! I've already re-ordered a new gasket 'cause the old one was old and cracked. Once that puppy shows up I'll be a pressure canning fool! W00t!

Can anyone say applesauce? Chili? Meat Stock? Oh yes we can!

(Oh my god. That was a pun. I apologize profusely...I did it on accident)
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So tonight I cooked Hitchhiker's Palak Paneer which I found on [personal profile] cjsmith's blog

First off, I have to admit, I have been rolling 3's with my cooking lately. All the new stuff I have been trying has been mind blowing yummy.

Now to the recipe. It was very good. The spices were very subtle and you could actually taste the food under the sauce. If you like your Indian food very flavorful...I'd double the spices.

In a post on his own blog he gives instructions for how to deal with the ricotta. I used a whole milk ricotta. I found that the 40 minutes listed was not enough. The cheese was still too damp to cook properly when fried. Next time, I may try draining it overnight to firm it up even more, then baking it.

I found that the oil should be very hot (read med-high to high heat) in order to get it to brown the cheese.

Depending on the size of your pan, you may need more oil. I found it needed a bit of depth to cook properly and NOT stick to the bottom of the pan. Just a skim across the bottom is not enough. (Hrm. Maybe a non-stick pan?)

I think this will become a staple around our house. I am trying to incorporate more vegetarianism in our meals, not because I'm against eating meat (oh hell no) but because its cheaper. And I agree with Julia Child. If I must become a vegetarian, I'll eat nothing but Indian food.

So, I give it two thumbs way up!

Joe also gives it two thumbs way up, but also notes that its not good enough to rate a blow-job (like the asian slaw the other night).

The kids? *ahem* Lets just say, they will be hungry later tonight. They turned up their collective noses to everything tonight. Their loss, more for Joe and I.
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I got something in the CSA box that I didn't like the looks of.

Fresh Fennel.


So then I finally had to put my money where my mouth is. Part of the idea behind getting a CSA box was to expose the family to new veggies and fruits and help us eat better. I HATE, LOATHE, and DESPISE licorice. I don't like the flavor, I won't drink Ouzo, or any other anise flavored drinks. I pass black jelly beans on to my Mom or my Gram. Good and Plenty? You can keep 'em. BLEH!

But there was that fresh fennel in the box. *sigh*

I pulled out a cookbook and looked up a recipe. Very simple sliced fennel salad with a lemon pepper dressing, finished off with fresh parm. I had a bunch of radishes left as well, so I sliced them up on the mandoline too (I used the .75mm blade setting. Wafer thin!). Put some on everyone's plate. Then I sat down to eat my dinner. A tentative bite. Hey, this isn't half bad. Bigger bite. I can still taste the licorice, but the lemon and pepper flavors are covering it up a bit. Then I remembered the parm! I sprinkled some of that on. Ooo! This is good stuff! I ate my entire serving and went back for seconds. Discovered that letting the salad marinate a bit mellows out the licorice flavor.

I don't think it will become a favorite vegetable, but at least I won't be dismayed to find some in my box again.

yea me!
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So the last time I was at Target I grabbed a Frey Supreme Chocolate bar. The last one which was dark chocolate with essence of orange was really good. This one caught my eye. Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon and Corriander.

This stuff is good!

Must find more.
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So I'm starting dinner. Veal Piccata. I've been looking forward to this for about 2 weeks. I'm putting my ingredients together and I pull the capers out of my fridge and discover they've gone bad. =\

I'm sticking to making candy I swear. At least the peanut brittle came out right!
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And another batch of cookies in the trash.

I'm running short of the GF AP flour I use. So for Chocolate crinkles I decided to try using an AP flour my mom bought me. It uses four different flours to make the 1 to 1 mix and the base is garfava flour. (A combination of Garbanzo and Fava Bean flours) which upon previous attempts at using proved to be bitter and just plain Blecky. It is recommended that you use this flour with strong tasting things to cover the bitterness. Molasses cookies, pumpkin bread, etc, etc. I figured that any recipe that has 4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate would be enough to cover up that taste.

I was wrong.


Although Joe is still eating them. I'm not surprised mind you...but as he said "Its chocolate rolled in sugar...I'm eatin' it." and "I've eaten my own cooking. Its gotta be a lot worse than this for me not to eat it."

I didn't even finish my first bite of the second cookie, I spit it out. And 20 minutes later the bitter, yucky aftertaste is still with me. Blech! Just nasty. This is starting to make me a bit discouraged in attempting to bake using my own recipes. I'm beginning to wonder if its worth the trouble. However, I just don't want the kids to see all the baking I do come from boxes and mixes. I love to bake. I'm just finding it annoying to try and bake gluten-free.

EDIT The kids apparently think these cookies are worth pulling out of the trash. Ew.
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So I found something really good recently. The catalog said "Cracker Bread" and I said "WTF is that? Well, its only $4.50. I'll order a box."

And about 2 weeks later it showed up. This stuff is really good. Its shaped like and intended to replace "Crisp Breads" like Rye Crisp or the cracker you get in the lunch room at Ikea. The distinct rye taste is missing (duh!) but the texture is dead on. I have been throughly enjoying these since. I must get more.


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