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Jan. 6th, 2016 06:56 pm
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While driving with the children this afternoon we were discussing the topic of competence (in particular what constitutes competence in the workplace and the pay you receive because of it).  And the following conversation occurred.

Ike: So how much does Auntie [livejournal.com profile] allanh make?
Me: No clue. But not enough. He's extremely competent but underpaid.
Gwen (backseat): He makes enough to get all the cheese he wants!

This made me laugh because of the randomness. Further inquiry showed that she meant Unka Randy...who is, in fact, the cheese fiend.

School starts tomorrow! Yes!

Oh! I got a response on that resume I sent yesterday. It was just an acknowledgement, but that's a first for this school.
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Ever hear Jeff Foxworthy's bit about the Courtesy Sniff? Basic concept: guy finds something smelly, gags on it, and invites friend to smell it too. That was a courtesy sniff. The part of the bit that is important to this post is this:

"You ever seen a car sitting at a red light, and there's like, five guys in it? And all of a sudden all four windows go down and there's four guys hangin' out the car just cussing like crazy? And there's one guy sitting in the middle in the back just laughing. You know why he's laughing, he's cashed in his courtesy sniff! And the only thing that could make him happier was had he been driving and in control of the window lock."*

Friday Joe goes out to lunch with his work group. They went to a South Indian Restaurant. Hot and spicy food with lots of dal. Saturday he starts leaving air biscuits everywhere and its awful. Almost Carlinesque. ("A fart that could end a marriage!") In the late afternoon, we take the kids to the park and on the way back home he lets one fly. He mumbles "excuse me" and then makes the mistake of inhaling and gags.  Then it wafts over to me sitting shotgun.  My eyes water and I'm desperate to unroll the window...but it won't go down! The windows are locked shut. I try to get out a "Unlock the windows!" but I'm laughing too hard to get it out. Finally I gasp it out and Joe goes "Oh! They are locked. Let me fix that." The windows open and the air is breathable again.

Except I still can't breathe 'cause I'm laughing so hard. We laugh and laugh, tears rolling down our faces and the kids (lucky them!!!) have no idea why we are laughing so hard.

I have absolutely, no idea why Ike finds bodily functions the height of comedy at the moment...I truly don't. =)

*find this quote at at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0423871/quotes


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