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Love it!!!

Okay...and 15 minutes later I find 2 more (audio books)

this one is free downloads of children's records from the 40's and 50's

And just in case you didn't know about this one...
Which is free audio books for download. And they are good too!
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Check out this cake on today's Cakewrecks

Cake came from Mike's Amazing Cakes:

Look at that thing! Isn't it totally awesome? Not only is he sitting on a gaming mat with a portion of his Gold and Silver Hoard...he's protecting the dice.

Very cool!

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Which [ profile] joedecker  posted about here.

So I followed the link, and went to the AFA site and sent this letter.

Dear President Conant:

I request that Campbell Soup Company continue to promote tolerance and equality and remain active and positive in the culture war.  I certainly hope you will honor my request by placing more ads in Queer publications like "The Advocate" and other mainstream National Media. Campbell's should take sides in a political battle, and please continue to put your efforts in producing the finest products you can. (BTW can you make a few Gluten-Free ones for us Celiacs? I miss my chicken soup! Thank you!)

I will tell American Family Association to shove their intolerance up their collective asses. I would love to continue to purchase your products. Thank you for taking the high road!



Should you want to send an email directly to the Campbells President its:
I liked the idea of hijacking AFA site, but there's no way in hell I want them getting my contact info.


Oct. 20th, 2008 04:13 pm
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Seen on [ profile] theweaselking

Beautiful artwork, and really funny.

EDIT: Joe pointed out that it wasn't a link like I wanted.

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Swiped from [ profile] themusecalliope 's Doctor Who site.

Just excellent.

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From the Crunchy Chicken

The Feminization of Men
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To the other Librarian People on my F-list (you know who you are) I've recently added a blog to my list entitled The Library Dungeon. You must funny.

Oh and he's a gamer, geek, comic book collector, view askew fan amongst other things.

Be sure to follow the links.
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So I found a blog wherein the writer challenged herself to use a crockpot every day for a year. I thought this would be cool to follow and added it to my list of "Blogs I read". I was looking at the last entry when I noticed one of her tags. The recipe was tagged gluten-free. In fact, most of her recipes are tagged gluten-free. So not only is it a blog and recipes for an appliance I wish I used more often, they are almost all gluten-free. Woot!
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Lots of pictures of Science Tattoos. But the third one down on this page just speaks to me for some reason.

Me go to bed now, fall down, thud.

From email

Feb. 29th, 2008 11:27 am
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Sent to me by Blobbo.

Librarians = Vampires?


Taken from Bastard Operator From Hell (BOFH) at The Register

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Wherever I can.

I was pointed to this by the NO Review (Check my blog list). Its evil and addicting. And it makes me use my brain...which hurts.
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in a magazine I was reading at the gym. So I swiped the magazine so I could watch it.

<a href="">The Landlord</a> on <a href=""></a>
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Found this surfing. The collection of really bad tattoos. Not just bad art, but bad taste. And its not safe for work.


Aug. 7th, 2007 02:31 pm
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Found something, thanks to Joe.

I am amused, very amused.

BTW Not Safe for Work
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Libraries are usually dead on the weekends. So saturday I went to and created a bunch of avatars for us.  Joe can make his own.

It killed some time at work. It was a good thing

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How the computer cursor really works
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Pointed to this by [personal profile] theweaselking


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