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It really doesn't.

I thought since it's been a month since my Essure installation, I'd give an update.

The prep classes all stressed that the installation itself is relatively painless. Which is was.  The aftermath?

Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick! Fuck me!

The cramps were awful. I was aware of my Fallopian tubes...its not normal. Let me tell you something. Fallopian tubes are NOT something you want to be aware of, it sucks. I was on Vicodin every 4 hours for the first 48 hours...then I switched to 800 mg advil....another 24 hours and I switched to 600mg and stayed there for a few days. Each day the cramping and pain got better. But I started every morning waking up super early with cramps and needing a pain killer for it for 2 weeks after the procedure. The rest of the day was fine...but those early morning cramps? Awful.

Oh. And did I mention that my period started 4 days post procedure??? Which they didn't warn me about because it showed up super early and was caused by those lovely hormones that played havoc on my guts? I've never been a bad menstrual cramp person. I'd have twinges now and then, but never really needed anything for it. This time? Oh yea! The cramping continued to my back. Never had that outside of labor before. Ut.

After two weeks, no more pain. I'm still aware of my Fallopian tubes on occasion, like when I'm suffering from lower abdominal distress and Montezuma's got me good. Not pleasant, but not bad either.

For awhile there I thought I made a HUGE mistake and wondered how I was going to convince my OBGYN to rip those fuckers out. But after the daily pain subsided. It's fine. I'm interested in seeing how it affects my cycle. Might make it more regular...might change the flow (GYN warned me about that AFTER I emailed her asking what was up and why did I have my period again so soon???)

All in all, if by the end of three months I'm sterile? I'm happy.
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There's this hill between Rudolf Steiner College and Sacramento Waldorf School. And it's a bitch to walk. Many of my classes are "down the hill" at the school. Last summer when I tried to walk up the hill between the two, I ended up panting like a dog, with my heart pounding in my chest like it was going to be a baby alien, and me reaching for my inhaler. And that was after I stopped a couple of times to catch my breath.

I decided I wasn't going to let that hill get me down this year. See, after that experience, I drove back and forth between the two for the rest of the summer. I decided, this year, I was going to walk like a normal human being. At the beginning of the year I changed my workout at the gym. I crank up that treadmill to the highest angle it will do and I walk. Slowly, but I walk steadily up that damn thing.

Currently, I'm attending a Teaching Conference at the College. As usual, we are using some of the space at the School down the hill. I figured out that after lunch, everything I was scheduled to do was at the College. I parked my car at the College this morning and walked down the hill. Go me. I went through the morning and then joined the exodus of people walking up the hill to lunch. I didn't try to keep up with people, but I steadily and slowly walked up that damn hill, the whole way, without stopping to catch my breath. I got all the way back up to the College...and I was only slightly out of breath Two or three deep breaths put me in the right.

Go me!
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So, about Ike: The conclusion is that the dizziness was caused by a second mild concussion to the same area of his head. While at camp (about 10 days prior to Sundays swimming pool incident) Ike got into a scuffle with another boy and got kicked hard in the forehead. That concussion did not get a chance to heal fully by the time he headbutted Gwen, so that area swelled up badly, hence the persistent dizziness.

The side benefit from this injury. In the MRI the Doctors spotted a Chiari Malformation (translation: structural defect of the brain). So we are being referred to the Pediatric Neurosurgeon for consult to see if anything needs to be done about it.

In the mean time, I just have to keep him quiet for the next week or so. No running, bike riding, swimming, climbing, scootering or anything where he might bang his head again, because the next boot to the head might be fatal. No pressure!

Never, ever dull around here.

Oh, and we are home! Yea for home! And my Mom is AWESOME! She came down today to chase children while I sat with Ike in the Hospital and Joe went to work. On top of that, she did 5 loads of laundry, got the girls to clean their room (including the sweeping) and changed the sheets!

Oh number 2. I have an awesome friend. I called her Monday night and asked if I could leave Elli, Gwen and Gray with her for most of the day and she said yes. That woman had 6 kids aged 6 and under at her house. She walked them a half mile to the park and back. And took it in stride when Joe killed the battery on my van and was late picking them up. Then, just to show off her awesomeness, she fed my family dinner. I really lucked out on having this friend. She's totally awesome!!!!
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Nine loads today. Would have been eight, but Magic the cat decided to crap on my bed. Thank goodness she decided to do so on the top blanket only. (It's payback for shutting her in the bedroom. Which was done on accident.)

Four children asleep. Two feverish and coughing badly. Gray is having problems breathing again, so I got out the albuterol from 2 weeks ago and gave him a couple of puffs and put him to bed. I think I am very glad I have tomorrow off. I really don't think Ike is going to school tomorrow. He sounds awful. Damn shame too, as there's only four day of school left. (Holy Crap! When the hell did the end of the school year sneak up on me like that???) And he has a LOT of work left to do! Technically, there's only 3 days of school in which to do work. Graduation and party is most of day Friday.

Oh. And I have a job interview/family contract negotiation scheduled for the afternoon of June 9 at school. Still not sure which job I am applying for, but I'm hoping to have a full time job at the children's school for the next academic year. It will just make life that much more insane. =)
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I just got my acceptance letter from Rudolf Steiner College! I'll be off to Fair Oaks for three weeks in July! Woot!!

Now just to figure out how to pay for it....
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Which is where Kaiser sends you when you need to be seen, but you don't need the ER.

I'm inside the house getting ready to go to the gym. Gwen comes in screaming (and man, oh man, is she screaming a LOT lately)
"Gray fell down!!!!!"

I shrug...he falls a lot and generally gets right up. I start to get up and I hear him come inside crying. I pick him up and give him love. He tells me "I hurt my head!" I give love and cuddles and feel his head gently. And find a nice sized goose egg on the back of his head. Ouch! I get an ice bag, put ice and water in it, put it on the back of his head and take him to the chair to nurse. Eventually figure out he was attempting to climb a tree in the backyard ("'cause its there!") and fell down and hit that little lip at the bottom of the fence.

He falls asleep. Normally, after falling this would have bothered me. But! 1. It was nap time and 2. he roused easily. Especially when I tried to put him down before he was done nursing! Not a happy camper, let me tell you!

After he passes out I grab the phone and call Kaiser's Advice nurse. Goodness knows, I've been through the wake 'em up every 2 hours routine enough, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Get the nurse on the phone and she has me wake him up. It takes a bit, 'cause he's a heavy sleeper and didn't take any more time than normal. Blah, blah, blah...vomiting=bad, call if we need help, keep close eye on him for 48 hours...fine. No biggie. Got it. And I hang up.

Gray is awake, but wants more comfort. So I nurse him some more. 20 minutes later he comes up for air. There's blood on my arm. uh-oh. I check the back of his head...ewww...big oozing cut on the lump. The ice bag must of kept it from bleeding before. Call the nurse back...cut seems big enough to be looked at and an appointment is made at the MIC. Let the kids watch a movie as I change (don't want to go to Kaiser in my gym clothes.) pile all four kids into the car and head out.

Doctor cleans cut, determines that sutures are needed. Applies a topical anesthetic to the cut (has me hold it to the cut with a glove on my hand...'cause its powerful enough to cause me to lose feeling in my fingers...where the hell was this stuff when I was a kid????!!!) Wait 15-20 minutes with a squirming Gray on my lap, trying to keep all 4 of them entertained. Doctor comes back in, staple gun in hand. Staple gun? Cool! Elli and Gwen flee in terror. Ike stays to watch. I hold Gray on my lap, face planted between my boobs, nurse holds his head still, I hold his hands still. He fusses with the Betadine. The Doctor takes up the gun and...Click, Done. No tears, no flinching. Fastest sutures I've ever seen...even faster than the liquid ones.

We go home. Gray's head is tender, but bouncy for the rest of the evening. He complains of a headache and Joe brings kids tylenol home. (I don't have any in the house...I hate that toxic shit. But I can't give him Ibuprofen...its an NSAID like thins the blood and prevents clotting. Which is why you can't take it before surgery. Never knew that. New tidbit of info to file away.)

Could of been a lot worse! But thankful it wasn't.


Feb. 14th, 2012 05:18 pm
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After waiting 6 weeks (!!!!!) PG & E finally came out and took out the e-meter and installed the one that can run in both directions...and I got to turn on the solar panels. After being on for an afternoon...its in the negative!!! This is so cool!


Dec. 19th, 2011 07:56 am
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Finally got news from the orthopedist. Possible Miniscus tear. And I can take off the stupid immobilizer! Yes! She still recommends rest, a cortisone shot (if needed) and a supportive knee brace (if needed). I am so happy! My knee is free!!! No more gimpy!!!
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So. Thursday night, Joe takes Ike to the ER 'cause he took a header at school and started puking a couple of hours later. Verdict? Concussion.

Last night, Joe takes me to the ER with Chest pains and pressure. Verdict? Something I ate. (I was there for 6 hours. No knitting, no book, no CPAP...I didn't get home until 3:15 and it costs $12.00 to get home via taxi. And I took a Taxi because the Doc on duty told us at 11:30 that it would be at least 3 before I got discharged. So I sent him home to pay off the babysitter. Universe was watching after me 'cause I didn't realize I didn't have keys until 2, and got home to the back door being open. When I thanked Joe for leaving the door open, he told me he didn' had been an accident.)

Tonight, I take myself to the Minor Injury Clinic (for things that need to be seen right away but aren't an Emergency) for my left leg deciding that it no longer wished to function. Verdict? No clue. Something soft tissue and I'll see someone in Ortho next week. I have an imobilizer and a pair of crutches in the mean time.

So what happened this evening? I went to the grocery store to get a few things. The last thing was a bottle of Karo and there was a SINGLE bottle on the top shelf waaaaaay in the back. I put my right foot on the bottom shelf and pushed off the ground with my left and something in my knee went SNAP!!! The pain was tremendous.  I forgot to breathe. I damn near about passed out and people were coming over and asking if I was okay. No! I'm not! I then discovered that I could not put any weight on it. I leaned on the cart and hobbled my way to the cash register, paid and hobbled out to the car. Got in and drove home. Called Joe and asked him to get ready to go out and please grab my knitting and book? ('cause there was no way in hell I was going to spend 6 hours in the ER tonight without any entertainment like last night) I drove to the Hospital, parked in the ER slot, sent Joe in for a wheel chair, had Ike "help" me to the MIC and Joe took everyone home. Got x-rays and told I did something impressive, but that they couldn't tell what. So, I'm in Joe's chair with my feet up and annoying levels of pain. Its not too bad until I try to move it and then it spikes something horribly.

But I just sucks, but if I don't laugh, I'm gonna cry. The damage is done and I'll have to wait a few days to find out what in the hell I did and what I can do to fix it.
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So this afternoon we went to the Caledonian Club's Highland Games. Big win for me??? Getting to see and listen to Tempest. Been loving that band for almost 20 years (scary that).

When I was in the process of buying their 20 year anniversary CD Elli comes over and hands me a tooth. She yanked out her first loose tooth! And it wasn't the one that's been bugging her. (The lower middle two have been loose for about a week and the one on her right was bugging her...but the one she handed me was the left one) So everyone in hearing (not that many, the band is loud) clapped and congratulated her.

Getting ready for bed tonight, I asked if she wanted me to try yanking the other tooth out. (Which I've been doing once every couple of days for the last week.) She did, so I grabbed a kleenex and yanked it out of her mouth!

So Elli got her Losing First Tooth Ceremony with two teeth in the Tooth Fairy box! How cool is that?


Jul. 15th, 2011 01:19 pm
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Of all the things I never wanted to see Disney touch it's the Barsoom series.


I cannot believe they've made Princess of Mars into a Movie...the women are wearing too many clothes dammit! But it is being made by Disney so I guess the characters had to have clothes on. But its not Canon!!! =)
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LifeWays: Done!!! Although I do not have my certificate. It will come in the mail. After class yesterday (with Suzanne Down no less) we went out to dinner to celebrate. This has been an amazing soul-feeding experience for me. And in these last few months, I've felt it isn't nearly enough. I feel like I've been given an appetizer to Waldorf Education and there is a whole lot more out there for me to experience....

Which led me to the idea of...

Teacher Training: For the last few months, I've been considering taking Waldorf Teacher Training. Considering it to the point that I have the application forms filled out and ready to mail. Its a grueling 3 year program. Every Friday night and every Saturday morning in El Sobrante for the Academic Year. Plus a four week-five full day Summer intensive. I feel a great need to do this program. I can't not imagine not doing it. That being said. Wow. That's kinda intense and bat-shit insane when you have four kids 8 and under and live 70 miles and a probable 2 hour commute away. Oh, and lets not forget the cost. Comes in around $8K a year. Which, now that I think about it is cheaper than the kids tuition.

Speaking of kids tuition....

Homeschooling: Not going forward with it. To be brutally honest. Ain't nobody happy. Except maybe Gray...'cause he's such a happy and mellow kid. But I have to say it needed to happen. Ike really needed these last two years to settle down some and come more into his own. I think he's ready for a classroom. But there is no way in hell I'd ever put him in a public school classroom. So, we have officially enrolled the big three kids at Njeri's Morning Glory, a small waldorf school. We've gotten a tuition adjustment (thank goodness!) And I've gotten a soft job offer for a new program at the school....

which leads to....

More schooling for me. I'm currently enrolled at UCSC Extension taking Early Childhood Education classes. What a mickey mouse class. I can't stand it! And its not the information I can't handle, the information is good stuff, and its actually a well written text book. Its the bullshit, waste of time, really learn nothing except regurgitation assignments. Bleh!!! I'm back to playing a game that I got tired of in Junior High School. But I can play it (and play it well) for the 24 units I need (to create the program Njeri is envisioning) and the 35 for the certificate. (Figure what the hell? If I have to take 24 I might as well take a few more classes and get the damn certificate...may come in handy someday. It is tax deductible after all.). I just hope later classes are better and less worshipping at the Grand Altar of Bullshit. That is the one thing I really valued this LifeWays year...the assignments stretched me! So for now, I'll sit in the back row and knit my way through my classes.

But where does that put Teacher Training?

On the back burner for at least one academic year. I can't do both. And to be honest, it gives me another year to improve my health, let the kids get bigger (let the girls get off my etheric, so I only have one child using that connection instead of 3.) and hopefully settle into our new rhythm of almost everyone in school.

Whew! Been busy!

Happy Day!

Jan. 7th, 2011 05:48 pm
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My parents got remarried today! Short but sweet ceremony and such a happy day!
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In the last year I read amongst the various Homeschooling Magazines that there was a family from Germany who came to the US and were seeking asylum because they were Homeschoolers and its illegal in Germany. This family homeschools based on religious beliefs, that the schools are too secular, teach immoral values, etc, etc. So they were essentially claiming religious prosecution if they returned.

I've been waiting to hear the outcome of the case, as have most other homeschoolers. I am VERY amused that I first read the result in Playboy...and yes the family have been granted asylum.

I love Playboy. Such an awesome magazine.
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needs to camp out in our house.

First, it was the lizard...then a frog. Today? A baby snake in the garage.

What is up with the wildlife???

We came in through the garage after running an errand and I spotted this baby snake on the floor along the walkway. I got all the kids in, all the stuff in, grabbed my longest set of tongs and found a bucket. Now, I like snakes. I know how to pick them up. I plan on having another as a pet someday. But I didn't know if this was a constrictor or not and I was sure how it would behave. Better to be safe than sorry right? So I scooped up that little black snake with the tongs, tossed him in the bucket. Then announced "Hey! Guys! Come look at this snake I caught in the garage!" We "oooo'd" and we "ahhh'd". Ike got the camera and we took a picture. We then set him free in the rosebushes. Over the protestations of the children. They wanted to keep it. The fact that we don't have a tank I think is the only reason why I won that particular argument.

Then we went to the reference books to see what kind of snake it was. We were able to ID it as a California Racer Snake. It took an online search to determine if it was poisonous or not. Not. However it was noted that when threatened or handled they strike often and viciously. Glad I got the tongs.

Bonus? Ike spent the next 45 minutes pouring over the various field reference guides looking at pictures and asking me to read him information. Cool! Gotta love those informal lessons. Now that's a picture perfect homeschooling minute.
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And successfully released outside.

I took the kids to KidsPark for a couple of hours so I could run some errands without distraction. Then I had to run back home because I realized I left the house without my cell phone. Whoops! When I walked in the front door, there was that poor lizard, lying on the floor in front of the front door. He just sat there and looked sad. He didn't even try to get away when I picked him up. He was missing the tip of his tail and the stump was covered in dust bunnies. He seemed happy to be released into the front garden and scurried away from me pretty quickly.

Yea! No dessicated lizard bodies to discover some day!
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When I was pregnant with the girls I entered a study through Stanford looking at using acupuncture for treating depression of pregnant women.

Looks like they finally published the study. See Here.

I was one of the controls. And I did see some relief from my symptoms. I think I would have gotten more had I had a CPAP back then, but oh well.

It was interesting to do and hey, it was free treatment, and it helped. It was worth it for me.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For pregnant women with depression, a couple months of acupuncture might help reduce the severity of their symptoms, a small study hints.Text of Reuters Article here )


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Why do men get all the cool ways to spell relief?

Not fair I tell you.

Masturbation could bring hay fever relief for men (Originally seen on Dodson and Ross)


Full text under cut )



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So the kids have been actively destroying our kitchen chairs for awhile. It hasn't bothered me too much 'cause I only spent $40.00 on the set of four. But now since we are down to 2 and 7/8. I've been looking around for awhile for new cheapish chairs.

Why cheapish? Well, we do have little kids, and they are rough on stuff. We are attempting to train them better, but it does take time. I went shopping for chairs at California Stools, Bar, Dinettes and about had a heart attack. The cheap foreign import chairs started at $80.00 each! The really nice, comfy American made ones (the ones that will last 20+ years)? Well, the ones I liked were $450.00 each. Ouch. Waaaaay out of my budget. Especially since I wanted 6 of them.

So I went poking around the net again around 10PM on Thursday night. Found out that JCPenney was having a half price sale on their kitchen chairs. All of them RTA, annoying, but the prices were better! I pointed Joe to 3 that I liked, he pointed out that the cushions of 2 of them would be destroyed almost immediately, so I purchased 3 pairs of a basic black, ladder back chair with rush seats for $400.00. Much better! (I'll buy some cushions at Target that I found yesterday that I liked very much...I'll just wait for a sale, I don't need to spend $100.00 just for chair cushions.)

They arrived this morning via Fed Ex (granted, I spent enough I didn't pay for shipping). How cool is that? So now Joe and Ike have a project for today...putting a half a dozen chairs together.

On a pregnancy update: I keep forgetting to eat and ending up with a killer headache every afternoon. I think I am going to go fix that right now. Other than that, I'm feeling tired, but great, and will probably indulge in the hot tub hips are sore.

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Baby born in Bay Area with 12 Functioning Fingers, 12 toes.

Full Text under cut )

Now considering the discussion that occurred a few weeks back, I'm definitely hoping that they leave him alone and I want to smack the Doctor for saying "I would be tempted..." I'm like, "Dude!. Not your baby, they are functional...leave him alone!"


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