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Our church (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Los Gatos) is having its annual auction on Saturday night. Joe and I would love to see *you* there. Comment for details!

PS we can head back to our house after the auction for the hot tub!


May. 19th, 2012 09:17 pm
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Party, our house, next Saturday. Gaming, Food, hot tub. Need I say more? If you can read this, you are invited. Door opens at noon. Need directions? Comment and I'll email the address. Bring something to share, sweeties and extended families welcome. Beware of the yard apes 'cause there will be a lot of them.


May. 19th, 2011 08:40 pm
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Gaming and BBQ
Saturday May 28 starting at 2pm
Hot tub to open around 8 after kidlets are asleep (bring your own towels)
Bring food, drinks and friends to share

We will provide grillables and alcoholic and non-alcoholic libations.
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Here at our house...we watch the commercials and eat food and maybe game if we can manage it.

Want to come and join us? Send me an email and I'll get you the details. (looks directly at [ profile] the_ogre  and [ profile] 7patches )
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As several people have asked me...we will be having our annual Super Bowl Commercial Party, it is kid friendly and will be held February 6 2011 and kick off is around 3:25

And if you can read this you are invited.
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which spanked my ass throughly.

Spent Saturday cleaning. Got some knitting in, started the day with mopping, middle of day cleaning the backyard, early evening running to grocery store, end of day with prepping 6 racks of ribs for the grill on Sunday.

Spent Sunday partying. Started with church. Run to Farmers Market and Trader Joes. Party prep. Welcome party guests. Party. Watch kids play with water, getting wet and having good time. Eating too much...including delicious ribs that someone else brought. Ended night cleaning, putting 6 racks of unfinished ribs in the freezer and collapsing.

Spent Monday recovering. Got up too early with wee boy (Gray), thanked God for Freezer Waffles. Waved Joe off to gym with 4 kids.Cleaned more.  Knitted 2.5 rows on my huge ass shawl.(449 stitches across). Put Gray to bed. Fed children. Ate huge lunch. Loaded children into van and spent $800 on bunk bed for girls. Came home, collapsed. Chat at MIL and SIL via Skype. Put Gray to bed at 5PM. Scrounged dinner from leftovers. Made salad. Write journal entry. Watch kids play. Go thud.

I need another day to recover!
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Its the Nth annual Superbowl Commercial Party!

Who's playing? Who cares!

Who:  If you can read this you are invited.
When: Feb 7, 2010 @ 1PM
Where: Our house (Email me for directions)

Bring your favorite food, drinks, and people. Small people welcome, ours will be here playing with whomever shows up.

We will provide, snacks, chili, a grill, and various libations, alcoholic and not.

Kickoff at 3:30 approx

We'll even crank the hot tub up if there are enough requests (clothing optional, bring your own towels)


Jan. 21st, 2009 08:56 am
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Now that the Presidential Festivities are over, we can start thinking about what most Americans would consider to be important.

The Superbowl!!

Yea, okay.



Party our house...we watch the commercials...who cares about the game? And you are invited.

When: Sunday Feb 1, 2009.
Time: 2PM (kickoff is at 6 Eastern)
Where: Our house, if you don't know where it me
What: Some dumb ass sport on the TV with cool commercials in the breaks and gaming at the tables.

We will be providing the normal foodstuffs and liquid libations (alcoholic and non) if there is something you'd like to share...feel free to bring it along. If there's a person or game you'd like to bring along as well...that would be cool too.

RSVP here or email by Jan 28


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Just in case any one cares.

Our childcare arrangements fell through...the kids will be home with us tonight.
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Joe and I want to invite you to an evening of gaming on New Years Eve. (We are even going to get rid of the kids for the night so we can actually game uninterrupted. What a concept!)

When: New Years Eve 2008
Time: 8:00 PM
Where: Our House*
What: Games, food, alcohol, soft drinks. (if there's a game you love, or food you just have to have, feel free to bring it)
RSVP: By the 30th please

*email me if you need directions
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Or at least a last second one.

This saturday we are hosting our (mostly) annual Bad Scary Movie Night at our house. First flick will start at 730. We will provide Popcorn, Halloween Candy, and liquid libations. The hot tub will be heated up for those who would like to soak, just bring your own towels please! And as usual, swim suits are optional.

Email me if you need to know where we live.
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We'd thought it would be nice (since I have a saturday off for once) to throw a casual Party at our house. No rhyme nor reason, but because we can.

We are going to make this one a Potluck. We'll provide a bunch of chicken and hot dogs for food and all the root beer you can drink (although we do also have an interesting supply of alcoholic libation). Everyone else is encouraged to bring something along that will round out the menu.

When This saturday the 22nd,
Time Lets say 3

If you need info to figure out how to my house email me.


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