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When I was pregnant with the girls I entered a study through Stanford looking at using acupuncture for treating depression of pregnant women.

Looks like they finally published the study. See Here.

I was one of the controls. And I did see some relief from my symptoms. I think I would have gotten more had I had a CPAP back then, but oh well.

It was interesting to do and hey, it was free treatment, and it helped. It was worth it for me.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - For pregnant women with depression, a couple months of acupuncture might help reduce the severity of their symptoms, a small study hints.Text of Reuters Article here )


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Waaaaay back...when I was pregnant with Ike, there was very little in the way of plus sized maternity fact I never did find any. I resorted to busting out my "uber-fat" clothes. Which I used again when pregnant with the girls...and used a few while pregnant with Gray (I lucked out this time. I actually found plus size maternity jeans at the mall. I wore them and my normal shirts for the majority of the pregnancy)

I just bagged up and readied for donation all those fat clothes that I've been using as maternity clothes.

That felt good.
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So last Tuesday, while in the hospital, and after I had only caught a one hour nap after having Gray, the floor midwife came into my room to do a quick after-birth exam. During which, I managed to knock my CPAP to the ground and breaking it.

Okay, semi-breaking it. It became extremely cranky about functioning. But function it did. Or at least well enough to get me through this week when I had a bit of time and energy to deal with it.

After finally getting off my butt Monday morning I called Kaiser and found out that: A. It was still under warranty. B. I could just go to Apria's drop in hours and they would fix it for me.

So Gray and I went for a ride to the north end of San Jose yesterday. Wherein I left 30 minutes after arrival with a brand new CPAP. Which works very nicely. (Okay, we also stopped at my favorite, mulitple resident kitties, used bookstore on the way home too)

Now, I have a different problem. I'm losing weight...and my mask is no longer fitting me correctly. I'm losing seal. And I don't want to keep tightening the straps...its how I gave myself a bunch of headaches last month. So, I need to call Kaiser again, and see about getting fit for a new mask. Yea, I probably could have done that yesterday, but I didn't think about it until about 5AM this morning.

I love this

May. 5th, 2009 04:07 pm
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Last Friday I tried on one of my pairs of normal (non-maternity wear) shorts. They were too small.

I tried them on this they are a bit loose.

Currently 17lbs below pre-pregnancy weight and counting...
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that the electronics were out to get me.

Right after I went out and bought a new MP3 Player (a Sansa Fuze, and yes its loaded with my labor companion) the Net died.

Turns out that the cable modem specifically died. Comcast came out today and replaced it.

I now have net access.

And no, I haven't had a baby yet.

But I am having irregular contractions (time between span between 30 minutes and 2 hours).

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But definitely all the electronic things around me are out to get me.

The MP3 player just died.

So you may be asking...why is that important? Because I use self-hypnosis during labor...I need the MP3 player to play the tracks to coach me through it....and you know...since I'm at that "any minute" stage...I'm a bit stressed out.

Its kinda a necessary item at this point. I'm going shopping later today I think.

Dammit. Just spent a huge chunk of money on a new I get to spend more money...this is getting a wee bit ridiculous.


Apr. 14th, 2009 07:14 pm
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I had an OB* appointment today (I'm at the point where I go in weekly), the medical assistant who showed me the room and worked on my chart asked if I wanted the Doctor to check my cervix and sweep my membranes.

My response? "Why? Is there a need?" "No, its just a standard question at this point in pregnancies...its up to you." "No thanks." I then thought, Heck no, I need this little bug to stay in until Friday. I'll do that next week.

But the question made me realize, I really am near the end. Within the next week or two, I'll have another baby in my arms. Oy! I'm looking forward to meeting him and loving and kissing him, but it doesn't seem quite possible that I'm that close to the end. Its gone waaaaaay too fast. But, we are ready. The kids are more anxious than I am. They are very disappointed whenever I pick them up from somewhere. "Why is Grayson still in your tummy? I'm tired of waiting!"

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy. Yes, its had it moments (lots more porcelain goddess worshiping than I'd like, but hey, thems the breaks) but, for the most part, its been a VERY easy pregnancy. Maybe I'm just comparing it to the twins, but Ike's was pretty much this easy as well. I told Joe last night, that I'm feeling physically (sore hips, energy levels, aching back) like I did when I was only halfway through with the girls. What a difference! I've only made 2 trips to L&D (the second one after dinner on Easter) unlike the last two times. I'm healthy, my BP is normal, I'm fairly rested, my hot tub is functional and I'm NOT depressed.

I'm ready for the next adventure to begin.

*Sidenote: My OB is on vacation, I got to see the OB who delivered Ike, and then discharged me from the hospital after having the girls. When I pointed that out to him he responded "That's why you seem familiar. I don't think I've ever seen you in the clinic. Thank you for telling me."

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I had to bust out the "really fat" underwear...the "fat" underwear has sufficed for most of this pregnancy. But they are starting to cut off blood supply to my legs.

Joe made me feel better by pointing out that I wore these for the majority of the girls pregnancy...and that I still had the next size up. Considering I'm down to the last few weeks...makes sense that I'd need bigger panties.

I can't wait to get back into all the really cute ones that I bought about 2 weeks before I got pregnant. Should take...a week post-partum or so. This is taking into consideration that:
A. I'm about 8 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.
B. I should lose approximately 15-16 lbs in the first 24 hours post-partum.

I LOOOOOOOVE watching the baby weight literally melt off. Wish it was always that easy.
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So the kids have been actively destroying our kitchen chairs for awhile. It hasn't bothered me too much 'cause I only spent $40.00 on the set of four. But now since we are down to 2 and 7/8. I've been looking around for awhile for new cheapish chairs.

Why cheapish? Well, we do have little kids, and they are rough on stuff. We are attempting to train them better, but it does take time. I went shopping for chairs at California Stools, Bar, Dinettes and about had a heart attack. The cheap foreign import chairs started at $80.00 each! The really nice, comfy American made ones (the ones that will last 20+ years)? Well, the ones I liked were $450.00 each. Ouch. Waaaaay out of my budget. Especially since I wanted 6 of them.

So I went poking around the net again around 10PM on Thursday night. Found out that JCPenney was having a half price sale on their kitchen chairs. All of them RTA, annoying, but the prices were better! I pointed Joe to 3 that I liked, he pointed out that the cushions of 2 of them would be destroyed almost immediately, so I purchased 3 pairs of a basic black, ladder back chair with rush seats for $400.00. Much better! (I'll buy some cushions at Target that I found yesterday that I liked very much...I'll just wait for a sale, I don't need to spend $100.00 just for chair cushions.)

They arrived this morning via Fed Ex (granted, I spent enough I didn't pay for shipping). How cool is that? So now Joe and Ike have a project for today...putting a half a dozen chairs together.

On a pregnancy update: I keep forgetting to eat and ending up with a killer headache every afternoon. I think I am going to go fix that right now. Other than that, I'm feeling tired, but great, and will probably indulge in the hot tub hips are sore.

Baby Pool!

Mar. 31st, 2009 10:42 pm
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So, I'm due to deliver on May 1. Wow. A month. That time sure flew!


I thought I'd start a baby pool, so, post a response with the day you think Gray will show up and a guess on height and weight. The closest guess will get posted after delivery.

My guess:

April 14, 8 lbs 4 oz 20 inches
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Woke up wide awake at 4AM. Woken up by Joe's CPAP actually, he'd lost his seal and it was fully ramped up to 20 and making a shit load of noise. Right into my ear.


Got up went to the bathroom. Took allergy medicine...fell back asleep in 30 minutes.


Slept to 8:15.

I feel more rested...but the cough is worse. But I feel more able to deal with the day. And that's a good thing.

Am looking forward to day spent on the couch. Joe is out shopping for ingredients for St. Patrick's day traditional corned beef and cabbage. I actually forgot to buy one last week. I'm slippin'.


Mar. 16th, 2009 09:20 pm
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Hot tub + super duper massage jets = pregnant back that no longer hurts so much.

I love my hot tub.


Mar. 2nd, 2009 09:14 pm
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I was putting Gwen to bed, cuddling, when I noticed that Gray was moving in a fairly rhythmic pattern...

After a bit I realized...oh. duh! He's got the hiccups.

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For the last two months I've been bitching up a storm that I'm cold and can't seem to get warm.

Well Gray finally got big enough I'm feeling his body heat output. Now I'm hot all the time.

The fatigue has been better the last couple of days...due to my judicious use of caffeinated beverages. I'm drinking about 12 oz of Coke a day, in little bits through out the day...and it seems to be helping with my late afternoon "Leave me the fuck alone you little people I'm too tired to look at you."

Yea pregnant if I could just keep from crying all the damn time.
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The Boob Fairy has visited me lately.

I noticed lately that I was leaking a bit of colostrum...weird...didn't happen the last two times...whatever.

This morning I looked in the mirror as I was about to climb into the shower and noticed my boobs got bigger! Woot! I love this part...I get a rack that fits my body instead of these undersized tits I usually carry around.
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Amongst the weirdness:

I've recently developed a dislike of milk chocolate. Its too damn sweet. We opened a box of See's and I deliberately ate the dark ones because they tasted better. This is really annoying because I (finally!) got my Christmas present from [ profile] allanh and Randy, a large supply of Big Turk! Candy Bars from Canada...and they taste too sweet and I'm not enjoying them like I usually do. I'm going to put them away until after I deliver

Hair growth: One of the lovely phenomenons of pregnancy is a funky pattern of hair growth. Most women get the "shinier, thicker and more lustrous than ever" version. Basically what happens is that on a non-pregnant person, about 100 follicles release their hair every day. A pregnant person would only have 1/4 to 1/2 of the "norm" drop out. Which is why their hair gets thicker, fuller, etc. I never got this one, the only strange hair growth I had in the last two pregnancies was the emergence of an impressive moustache and random thick, dark hairs coming out in on my face. Thank God for tweezers!

Girly bits TMI, don't read if you don't want to know anything about my girly bits. )
Pregnancy hormones are just strange.
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I love my OB. She flat out tells it like it is. No bullshit, no beating the bush. (Okay, and she's pretty hot too, ask Joe)


I had my monthly appt with her yesterday. After the usual blather of a check up, she looked at my chart, looked at me and said

"I see you are still losing weight."
"Yea, according to my scale at home, I'm down 14 lbs total."
She then gives me this withering look
"Jen, this is not the time to be playing America's Biggest Loser. You are not supposed to be trying to lose weight."

This made me laugh. I assured her that the calories are in-flowing, I'm just not eating as much, as I'm getting full fast, and I'm still exercising most days of the week. She was satisfied with that answer.

Other than that, she kicked me out for being obscenely healthy.
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Tonight's dinner was one of those eating sessions where you could tell I'm pregnant. I ate:

2 bean (homemade refried!) and cheese tacos with a load of hot taco sauce
a bowl and a half of cucumber salad (sliced cukes, kalamata olives, sliced peppercini peppers, red wine, olive oil, greek seasoning)
leftover candied sweet potatoes
half of a leftover quesdilla
a cup of hot chocolate (Thank you [ profile] allanh  for introducing me to Ovaltine!)

And I ate it all standing up while making burritos and quesdillas for everyone else.

None of that really goes together does it?

But it tasted really, really good.

I think I'll top it off with a triangle of scharffenberger.

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1. How far along are you?

17w 4d on my calendar. But now officially 18w 5d after ultrasound adjusting..personally I think its bullshit.

2. What symptoms are you experiencing?

Random occurances of morning sickness (i.e not every morning, and I don't know which mornings when I'll feel sick). Got the Quickening a couple of weeks ago. I am enjoying feeling stronger movement more often. I've developed a hyperactive gag reflex which makes brushing my teeth a pain. And my lower back hurts (duh)

3. How are you feeling?

Still tired. I want naps!

4. Any appointments coming up?
Just had my ultrasound today.

And, uh, oh yeah. Its a boy!

5. Anything big happening in your personal life? is bland over here. Just getting ready for Thanksgiving which we are hosting.

6. Questions, comments, complaints, observations?

Not this time. Everything going normal.

7. Show us Belly pictures! 
Nothin' beyond belly fat to see yet.


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