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It really doesn't.

I thought since it's been a month since my Essure installation, I'd give an update.

The prep classes all stressed that the installation itself is relatively painless. Which is was.  The aftermath?

Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick! Fuck me!

The cramps were awful. I was aware of my Fallopian tubes...its not normal. Let me tell you something. Fallopian tubes are NOT something you want to be aware of, it sucks. I was on Vicodin every 4 hours for the first 48 hours...then I switched to 800 mg advil....another 24 hours and I switched to 600mg and stayed there for a few days. Each day the cramping and pain got better. But I started every morning waking up super early with cramps and needing a pain killer for it for 2 weeks after the procedure. The rest of the day was fine...but those early morning cramps? Awful.

Oh. And did I mention that my period started 4 days post procedure??? Which they didn't warn me about because it showed up super early and was caused by those lovely hormones that played havoc on my guts? I've never been a bad menstrual cramp person. I'd have twinges now and then, but never really needed anything for it. This time? Oh yea! The cramping continued to my back. Never had that outside of labor before. Ut.

After two weeks, no more pain. I'm still aware of my Fallopian tubes on occasion, like when I'm suffering from lower abdominal distress and Montezuma's got me good. Not pleasant, but not bad either.

For awhile there I thought I made a HUGE mistake and wondered how I was going to convince my OBGYN to rip those fuckers out. But after the daily pain subsided. It's fine. I'm interested in seeing how it affects my cycle. Might make it more regular...might change the flow (GYN warned me about that AFTER I emailed her asking what was up and why did I have my period again so soon???)

All in all, if by the end of three months I'm sterile? I'm happy.
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There's this hill between Rudolf Steiner College and Sacramento Waldorf School. And it's a bitch to walk. Many of my classes are "down the hill" at the school. Last summer when I tried to walk up the hill between the two, I ended up panting like a dog, with my heart pounding in my chest like it was going to be a baby alien, and me reaching for my inhaler. And that was after I stopped a couple of times to catch my breath.

I decided I wasn't going to let that hill get me down this year. See, after that experience, I drove back and forth between the two for the rest of the summer. I decided, this year, I was going to walk like a normal human being. At the beginning of the year I changed my workout at the gym. I crank up that treadmill to the highest angle it will do and I walk. Slowly, but I walk steadily up that damn thing.

Currently, I'm attending a Teaching Conference at the College. As usual, we are using some of the space at the School down the hill. I figured out that after lunch, everything I was scheduled to do was at the College. I parked my car at the College this morning and walked down the hill. Go me. I went through the morning and then joined the exodus of people walking up the hill to lunch. I didn't try to keep up with people, but I steadily and slowly walked up that damn hill, the whole way, without stopping to catch my breath. I got all the way back up to the College...and I was only slightly out of breath Two or three deep breaths put me in the right.

Go me!
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The Universe works in strange ways bringing people you need into your life. Sometimes you are the person who is needing...sometimes you are the person who is needed. Sometimes you meet through friends, sometimes online, sometimes the person next to you in line at Starbucks. But always, the Universe works to bring two people who need to meet together. Steiner tells us that this is Karma. We either want to continue to work together, or we are wanting to make amends for things that happened before. What happens afterwards is where Freedom comes in.

I don't exactly believe everything that Steiner said 100%. Some things are just so damned out there I just go. "Okay dude. Whatever. Maybe I'll figure it out next time around (His Cosmology is falling under this category, let me tell you.) But his description of Karma rings true for me. I think it explains why when you meet some people there's an instant click of friendship or that brief flicker of "About damn time...I've been waiting for you!" On the other hand it may also explain why some people, even though they seem perfectly nice, just give you the heebie geebies and you don't want to be spending any time with them (this might explain some people's reactions with their in-laws =)).

I have been blessed several times with that instant snap of close friendship and more recently with that "Where the hell have you been? I've been waiting!"...but never have I found a friend and kindred a letter.

I found an envelope in the mail today addressed to "The Crunchy Mom". The return is from a nearby street in the neighborhood. I thought this was a bit weird. I didn't recognize the I have a stalker? How would some random person know I'm a crunchy mom? I open it up. It's from a woman in the neighborhood. She's moved to the area recently and is looking for new friends. On a walk she spies my van which has a bumper sticker on it that reads something like ('cause I'm too damn lazy to go outside and look it up right now) "Crunchy, hippie, liberal, leftist, homeschooling mom" Which makes her go "I need to meet this  mom!" But she doesn't want to knock on the door 'cause that's weird. So she wrote a letter.

This is pretty cool. I love the way the Universe works. I'll call her later when we aren't quite so toxic. Although, now that I think about it...she may appreciate an invitation to someone's house who is dealing with chicken pox. =) I know I would!

Letting go

Jan. 14th, 2014 10:10 am
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So. It's January. I look house is a mess (shocking I know) and I see so much....STUFF. I'm really beginning to feel the weight of stuff in my life. I'm tired of taking care of it.

But there's the sentimental attachment to stuff. It's hard to let go of that.

Then I realized I could capture the stuff with a picture. So. This morning. I decided to let go of two items that have huge sentimental value...but are in essence. Dust Collectors.

First up. This...thing.

I made this in wood shop (remember when public schools still *had* wood shop??) in (wait for it) 6th grade. I was so proud of it....and it wasn't until I saw the other side

That I noticed that this thing has been doing nothing but collecting dust in some house of mine or my mothers...for over 30 years. Yea. Time to go.

Then went this.

I took a ceramics class my Senior year of high school...this is a mask of my own face. Gwen is modeling it for me. Yea. What in the hell do I do with it? I checked the date. March 29, 1990. Right. Done nothing but collect dust for nearly 24 years.

With a sigh. Both are now gone. And it's okay.

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How...what an energy drain.

The good:
Love the school.
I got "hello"s and "great to see you again!"s and hugs from various staff and faculty members
I lined up 2 more days to sub this month in kindergarten
I got to finally meet the second grade teacher (the single teacher I hadn't met last spring) (if I get a job here, he'd be Elli and Gwen's teacher)

The bad:
The commute sucks
Teacher left me NOTHING for them to do for 2 practice periods!
I forgot lunch, which then gave me massive headache, but not until after school
I broke the rocking chair (oy)
It hurts to be there.

I'm glad to add to the resume and I'm glad to have a chance to integrate myself into the community. Honestly, this is my first choice school for next fall if the librarian gig falls through. BUT I feel dreadfully inadequate to the task of being a teacher. Today, being left with a class, all by myself, really let me know, how much I don't know. I know I would be supported by a mentor...but's just so much. And an 8 year commitment to these kids to begin with!! I mean, you have to teach so much and there's so much I don't get about how I'm even supposed to attempt it!

Does every new teacher feel like this? Just. Ut.
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And that doesn't mean what you think it does you filthy minded person. =)

I went on the Pill when I was 17. I had irregular cycles for 3 years. As I got older my period got more and more erratic. When I was 17 I didn't have a cycle for 6 months...and then I hemorrhaged for 6 weeks. My first trip to the OBGYN resulted in exploratory surgery and a prescription for birth control. I was told at that time that I was infertile. My ovaries didn't function correctly and that I would need fertility drugs whenever I decided to have children.

At 17 I was more than happy to be on the Pill and to know I was infertile. I was young, horny...and getting absolutely no action. But I liked knowing that, even if I didn't plan to have sex, I wouldn't get pregnant. I knew a baby would be a disaster. I watched my Mom struggle trying to raise me without a good education. I was determined to get one.

Flash forward to 2008
I've been on the pill constantly for 19 years. I tried once in college and then once again in Grad school to go off and repeated my high school experience.  With an added bonus of a D&C in Grad school. We did, indeed, have to resort to fertility drugs for Ike and the girls. (Pills for Ike, shots for the girls). Then in 2008 I got a CPAP for my moderate sleep apnea that I have had my entire life. Two weeks later I ran out of my BCP. Since I was infertile, I didn't worry about getting pregnant. I knew I had a month or so to get an Rx, and I didn't worry about it. About 3 weeks later I noticed I had a LOT of cervical mucus. Three weeks after that I discovered I was pregnant with Gray.

I seemed to develop some weird breakthrough bleeding, and adverse side effects of the pill. I thought, well, maybe the CPAP has fixed the hormonal problems that caused the abnormal cycles. At the end July I quit taking the pill. Joe had a pregnancy worries. Oh my god. What a difference. My sex drive came roaring back. Erogenous zone woke up. Orgasms got stronger and easier. WTF??? Oh...and my cycle is semi-regular. My last cycle was 36 days. It was on the outside of normal, but damn good for me! Big bonus! I'm sleeping better.

I never knew that birth control could so adversely affect my sex life. I wish they would warn us about it when they give it to us. It's been entertaining watching my body get used to not having an outside force making it do something. For the last two weeks, my drive has been roaring high. Yesterday I noticed it was down to a purr. I went Oh No! Don't go away! Then I looked at the calendar and realized I passed the fertile peak of my cycle. My body is oh shit. No baby this month. Time to flush. Which makes sense. Our sex drive is highest when we are more likely to conceive.

I don't plan on going back on the pill if I don't have to. I'm enjoying my body running on it's own steam! I'm enjoying it, and so is Joe! =)
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That was sufficiently amusing, that I wanted to keep my answer

When I was 18...
I was: a High School Student
I was worked at: House of Fabric
I wanted to be: a student at UC Davis. Long run? Married with Children.
I drove a: a bik
Biggest worry: financing college
Biggest fear: not being able to make it in College and not being able to find someone to share my life with.
I lived in: Concord, CA
I am now: 40
I live in: San Jose, CA
I am: a Wife, a Mother, and still a student, this time at Rudolf Steiner College (degree #3!) (and considering a Doctoral Program at Mills next fall, concurrently with the program at RSC...I'm nuts and know it.)
I am working: at home. I have three at home right now. Homeschooling 2 of them.
I drive: 2005 Toyota Sienna (a Mom-moblie!)
Biggest current worry: Financing my Children's education
Biggest fear: Not being able to make it in College (I'd like to finish and Teach someday you know.)
There ya go!!! anyone else wanna play this game.. comment & I will send you your age!!!
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I hate this time of year.

This is when the dolrums of depression really start smacking me around.

It's not as bad as other years, but it's bad enough to be ANNOYING. I don't want to knit, I don't want to read. I just want to spend my time lying down being entertained and even then, I'm not that interested. I'm going through the motions. I get up, shower, dress. Care for children. Attempt to educate them. I do laundry and clean the house enough to keep it orderly. Which I know is a good thing. Just moving every day helps.

I'm trying to sit under my lamp every day. I'm trying to get outside and work in the garden every day. I can't really exercise 'cause of the damn boot, but it's my own damn fault it's there again, so oh well. I know that eating better will help immensely since oh...80% of how I feel is created by how I feed my body. I feed it crap...I feel like crap. Every day I do it a little bit better. I added 3 lbs over the Holidays (which is an immense improvement since last years 12 lb gain.), but I'm not adding any more so go me! The bingeing is slowing, every day it's a bit easier to stop. Every day, its easier to say "Nah, I don't want that." Every day, there's a step in the right direction...and if there's a slide, I'm kind to myself....I know it will be better tomorrow.

But still. I'm dragging. I have class tonight. I've done the reading, but I've not finished the paper. I've done the drawings. So...essentially half my homework is done. I'm struggling with how to write what I understand and do so succinctly. It's hard to do Steiner with brevity. Goodness knows he couldn't do it! There are times I yell at the book...Okay! Get to the point and say it already! I'm working on the next assignment's reading and I'm still waiting for it to get good. Parzival is not coming across as a sympathetic character to me (spoiled little brat), so the story is dragging. I can grind through it...but, bleh. There's a reason I'm not a Medievalist. These stories just go on and on and I swear to god they are paid by the word....bleh.

Ike is driving me crazy and I'm tired of pushing him through bullshit homework. I can see bringing home the work on his MLB he didn't finish in class, but damn. These math and grammar assignments are driving us crazy. Especially since he's already done the grammar ones already. I just want to go to his teacher and say enough with the bullshit. You have EXTRA main lesson slots daily...finish this bullshit stuff then, don't send it home! still comes home. He worked for 90 minutes this morning struggling through his fractions and grammar. Normal kid probably would have taken 20...*sigh* Not sure how to deal with this. We are all tired of him struggling.

Just keepin' on keepin' on.
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I've been lazy. My last
pedicure was in August. Then I spent (what seemed) forever in that boot. And I haven't gotten around to getting another yet. Last night I noticed that the last pedicure had grown out enough I could see the nail bed. It was purple.


I removed the polish and found that most of my nail is purple. I then remembered that at some point over the last few months, Joe and I dropped something really, really heavy on my foot, right across the nail bed of my toe. I remember tremendous pain. Check this out.


I wonder how long this will take to clear up.

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I've become "The Ice Box Man".


It is no secret that I love George Carlin. The man was just bloody brilliant. But here's a sample of things I've heard come out of my mouth lately:


"Close the door would you? You're wasting energy!"
"Anybody want to eat this? Otherwise, I'm just gonna feed it to Charlie."
"This is the modern age! Take a picture with your camera'll last longer!"
"Do you know what this is? Me either, I'm gonna throw this out."
"put it back! I'm saving it!"




Jul. 27th, 2012 09:48 pm
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We have this infestation of ROUSs in our garage (so we thought). We put out traps, no dice. After a week we called a professional. He put out traps and sprayed a couple of things outside. After a week he came back out to see how things were doing. No ROUSs caught. He re-baited the traps and left in a cloud of cigarette smoke (no he didn't smoke around us...but Man it was seriously lingering). Grumble, Grumble, grumble.

This morning I went out to the garage and found one of the sticky traps we had put out a couple of weeks ago loaded with 2 mice. Eww. Oh. And they were still alive. Double Eww! I had Joe double glove himself and he took the trap out to the garbage (Hopefully the heat got the little guys. Awfully cute. I don't want them to suffer, just go away!)

This evening I went into my bedroom to put something away. I turned from where I was and saw a mouse sitting on the floor as calm as could be. Peanut came in and it didn't even budge. Okay, one dead mouse in my bedroom ewww. I shut the door on Peanut just in case and found something I could trap the mouse under (flower pot liner). I got it over the mouse, it woke up a bit and started to squirm a bit while I yelled for Joe. He came in and saw what I was doing and ran out to the recycling to get a piece of cardboard. We successfully slid it under the wee beastie, took him outside and tossed him in the garbage with his friends.

Now. Here's the real "Ewwww" I've not yet seen any activity of rodents anywhere else in the house other than the garage. So where in the hell did he come from????

Now. Here's the irony. Elli and Gwen are asking for a cage and a couple of pet mice for their birthday. I don't think so.
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The monster that is my closet...

I didn't get through the closet today. I still have the upper shelf to take everything down and go through. But I took all my clothes out and only put back in the ones that fit and that were flattering. Too many clothes went to the goodwill bag...they fit...but they looked terrible on me. I no longer have many clothes. Good news is that my ball gown still fits and still looks wonderful! I bought that thing almost 10 years ago to go to a Black Tie Wedding and I was pregnant with Ike. I got to wear it again while pregnant with Gray. I'm hoping to wear it to Gaskells soon. Maybe the October dance. My parents (its still very cool to say that!) promised me a weekend away (two nights!). I haven't been in years and Joe's never been so we want to attend the dance workshop in the afternoon. A bunch of clothes were put aside to be brought back out after I lose some more weight.

Anyway, closet cleaning. I found 7 lonely shoes in my closet. Gray went spelunking under my bed looking for them. He recovered a single shoe and discovered another clan of the Vorpal Dustbunnies. Again we waged a long battle over the Bunnies and eventually they were vanquished. I still fear their return, I saw several proto-bunnies this afternoon while I was finishing up. So six shoes went to the garbage. Three pairs are singled out for selling if I don't wear them anytime soon. They are good shoes and very expensive ones too.

I went through the craft half of my closet. I pulled several kits out of the shelves and decided I'm never going to make them, so I'm putting them in the sell corner (several of these kits are worth $100-300). The ones not worth selling, I just put in the goodwill bag. I went through the hand-painted needlepoint canvases. Decided most of the not worth the trouble of trying to sell, and got put in the goodwill bag. I broke several kits apart and put the various bits away. I need to decide if I want to keep my beading supplies.

I have a raging allergy attack due to all the dust. Tomorrow, before I start, I will take extra antihistime and Sudafed. I will also clean the air purifier and turn that thing on. I'm just miserable and my nose is all red. I'll take a shower and wash my hair before I go to bed in an effort to get the dust off my body. Hopefully that will help me sleep tonight.

After Ike was done with therapy today (which he is doing quite well) he wanted to go shoe shopping. I asked him why does he need another pair of shoes when he has a pair of summer sandals and flip flops...what else could he possibily need? Closed toe shoes so he can mow the lawn. Good enough! Shoe shopping we went! We also stopped at the candy store. They liked that.

Good day, I'm not loving the incessant sneezing and sniffling though.

I miss the girls a whole lot!

I'm thinking of taking Gray to KidsPark in the morning and rest. I'm expending a lot of energy cleaning and I could use a couple of hours to just sit and stitch or knit. I can do more cleaning in the afternoon while he naps. 
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Got through the girls room. Tossed an entire bag of garbage, 3 trips to the recycling bin, half a box of books, and one big kitchen garbage bag for Goodwill.

It was so bad, I had to clean a spot so I could sort and then clean. I got through the bookcase, every drawer in the dresser (no longer fitting clothes into box for a friend with a younger daughter, winter clothes to top of closet), cleaned the closet, re-organized their clothes and shoes, and went through the toys. I pulled the dresser away from the wall and got out all the crap that was stuck under it. I not only swept, I mopped! (Hardwood floors through the house). I may even go in there and put the rug back down. What a concept!

Makes me want to paint the room. Its still the same color it was when we moved in. Its a pretty green, but fresh walls would look so nice!

I then went back to my bedroom. I started with the pile in front of my side of the bed. Shoes to the closet, children's clothes to their room, garbage in the garbage can. I have 3 piles of clothes on my bed: someone else's room, repair, and put away.

I also managed to get back into my bathroom and do a second pass on the shower walls. Improved. Needs a third pass. There's still an amazing amount of soap scum on the walls. Door is now clean!

I also figured out how to convert .pdf to .epub format for my Nook. I did that so I could make notes on the things I'm reading. Problem is the formatting is just awful. I may just give up and take it back. Most of the books I yanked from the Online Waldorf Library I have in paperback. Some of them I don't have in dead tree copy, and I probably won't want to make notes so the .pdf formatting is just fine (its just so wrong that the .pdf is better than .epub). I'm just not sure I'm sold on this whole ereader thingy. It is nice to be able to take a whole pile of books with me in one little reader thingy. But I like taking notes and bad formatting is driving me nuts. I'm going to try and upload more of the converted files and see how bad it is.

I started a colorful gnome project. After a year of handwork I ended up with a basket of little balls of yarn...too small for the kids to use. So I'm going to knit a gnome for the kindergarten out off all those odd bits.

Babysitter should be here any minute now and I'm heading out to go visit [ profile] labelleizzy and paint!

I miss my girls. I've talked to them twice today and its quiet here without them.

Yea, yea. Vacation. Relax. Yea right!
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Friday was the last day of school for the kids.

I get a month break until classes start for me. RSC ran out of rooms in the dorms on campus, but I was able to snag a room at Sac State for the three weeks. It will be something like a 15-20 minute commute (I think), getting to the freeway will be the worst bit (I think), and the drive will be reverse commute (I think). I am really looking forward to it. I think as exhausting it will be, it will be AWESOME!!!

Ike and I calculated that we have 94 days of vacation. It seems like so much time, and yet not enough time at all.

Ike starts therapy tomorrow. Two weeks of intensive, non-invasive in home therapy. I hope this helps him as the $10k we will shell out for the 2 weeks is really going to hurt. But I'm pretty confident it will.

Elli and Gwen leave with my mom for a week tomorrow. They are off to go and visit Joe's parents and sister. I'm really going to miss my girls!

I have ideas of the things I want to accomplish this summer, tasks to clear off my to-do list, skills to work on with Ike (multiplication tables, handwriting, reading) and fun things to do with the kids. And I'm not sure how in the hell I'm going to fit it all in.

I want time to rest and recover, in some ways I feel so, so drained....and I want to become a gym rat. I want to hit the gym 3 days a week.

I want to know what in the hell I'll be teaching in the fall (if anything besides Handwork) I can prep for that.

I want to spend time with my husband.

I want to spend time with my extended family and my family of choice. I want to surround myself with those who love me and my family.

I want this to be a good, recharge time. And a time to purge! (and here I just bought more yarn! =))

So many goals, so many ideas, not a plan in sight.

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Nine loads today. Would have been eight, but Magic the cat decided to crap on my bed. Thank goodness she decided to do so on the top blanket only. (It's payback for shutting her in the bedroom. Which was done on accident.)

Four children asleep. Two feverish and coughing badly. Gray is having problems breathing again, so I got out the albuterol from 2 weeks ago and gave him a couple of puffs and put him to bed. I think I am very glad I have tomorrow off. I really don't think Ike is going to school tomorrow. He sounds awful. Damn shame too, as there's only four day of school left. (Holy Crap! When the hell did the end of the school year sneak up on me like that???) And he has a LOT of work left to do! Technically, there's only 3 days of school in which to do work. Graduation and party is most of day Friday.

Oh. And I have a job interview/family contract negotiation scheduled for the afternoon of June 9 at school. Still not sure which job I am applying for, but I'm hoping to have a full time job at the children's school for the next academic year. It will just make life that much more insane. =)
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I just got my acceptance letter from Rudolf Steiner College! I'll be off to Fair Oaks for three weeks in July! Woot!!

Now just to figure out how to pay for it....
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I should have done homework tonight. I owe my Foundation Studies teacher from RSC a paper comparing and contrasting the cultures of Ancient Persia and Ancient India. As fascinating as I find this subject (and I do, its really cool!) I just couldn't bring myself to do work. I busted my butt last week in order to turn in enough assignments to pass my latest class at UCSC Extension. I got as much in as I could by the Saturday Midnight deadline. And I was satisfied, I knew I passed. I got home from church on Sunday to find an email from the instructor saying she'd give me a chance to fix an assignment I turned in at the beginning of the month. Fair enough. I revised it, and emailed it back in. This move quite probably changed my grade from a C to a B in that class. Yea. I passed. That's all I care about. So after that, I was less than willing to do more work, even if its fun work. So I've been goofing off online, downloading pictures off my camera, and searching for a crochet hat pattern.

Bypassing a FUBAR:
I teach Handwork at the children's school. I'm attempting to teach 3rd grade how to crochet. They got the basics down and we have attempted to start crocheting hats. I am not the greatest at crocheting. I know how, but this is one craft that does not really click for me. I get lost, easily. I am screwing up the pattern I found for the children to work. They are flailing, I am flailing. Time to scrap this project. I think I found a better pattern that's much more simple and less difficult to screw up. I'm going to collect all the children's handwork bags, rip out what they have done (maybe a round in most cases), and we will all start together. I've also put in an email to another parent who is awesome at crochet to see if she can come around and help me. I think I've recognized that I'm over my head early enough in this process that all is not lost.

And the fact that we have 8 days of school left is not lost on me. Ut. Next year should go better. My only defense is that I'm not a trained Handwork Teacher, I'm a mom who is very crafty and is attempting Teacher Training (Grades). That doesn't mean that I know everything I need to know. But at least I realize I'm out of my depth and am asking for help.
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I meant to write this last week....I got busy. Sue me. =)

On May 10, 2011 I woke up determined to make a change. There are things I want to do. There are things I want to accomplish. There are places I want to go. I can't do that in this sized body. In one year I lost 35 lbs. Officially kept of over 20 (i.e. never bounced above a 20 lb loss) and on the one year anniversary I was 29 lbs lighter than I had been the year before. As of this morning, its 30 lbs.

Part of me goes "Dammit! Only 30 lbs in a freaking year? Why can't you do better than that you fat slob? Slacker!"
Another part of me goes "Hey. Not bad. Slow and steady wins the race. That's over a 1/2 a lb a week. The weight that comes down slow, stays off. Its working. Just keep at it."

I'm trying to listen to the second part more.

But it's hard. The first part is louder, and really? Its a chorus.

What did I learn in a year?
-I am seriously addicted to sugar. I can tolerate small amounts at a time (a single cookie, a small serving of ice cream, a single truffle) and not trigger the binge cycle. I also need to wait 2-3 days before having another bit or else I trigger the cycle. But overall, sugar makes me feel awful.
-Calorie loading in the morning with a nutrient dense smoothie at Breakfast works awesome.
-A really light dinner makes me feel good too. (Especially if I eat before I feed the children. When I'm fed, I can deal with Dinnertime with them much easier. Makes it a more pleasant experience for everyone.)
-So does not eating after 8PM.
-Movement and strength training, while it sucks while doing them, I like the results.
-Sleep is seriously important. If I'm tired, I crave comfort food.
-a liter of water in the morning is difficult to drink...but creates a great foundation for the day.
-Going Grain free is a serious pain in the ass! I thought Gluten Free was bad. Sheesh! But....I do feel better when I avoid them...all of them. Grains are a treat now. Oh...and I can no longer tolerate whole grain rice...its what sent me to the ER back in December. (Subsequent exposure has confirmed this) Rice turned into flour? No problem!
-Potato free is beyond insane. And I don't feel any different when I avoid them.
-I can choose to say no thanks. (this one is huge)

So, my goal from May 10, 2012 to May 10, 2013 is to repeat the exercise. I'll take another 30 lb drop. It gets me closer to where I want to be.
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Last week I found a Nook Simple Touch on sale at Target for $79.99. I've been wanting an e-reader for awhile, and I chose a Nook because it uses the standard epub format unlike the propritary Kindle format. So then I could "borrow" books from the library. (they haven't quite gotten there yet with Kindle.)

I got it home. It couldn't find the wi-fi connection in the house. Or rather it couldn't use it. So I couldn't even register the damn thing so I could update the software so it could use the house wi-fi. I took it to school with me on Thursday, was able to access their wi-fi, and register the brick. Brought it home, updated the software. Brick still can't use the house wi-fi.

So. Is it worth it for me to keep it?? I also uploaded several of the .pdf's I wanted handy (which is really why I wanted the Brick.). And they are unreadable (old scanned books, rather than computer generated documents turned into .pdf.)

I have a Brick. It can't use the house wi-fi. And I can't read the documents I want to read on it.

I think I want my $80.00 back.


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