Sep. 7th, 2010 09:38 pm
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I've now officially attended my first EGA National Convention. For the last 2 days I've been sitting in a well lit conference room at the San Francisco Marriott taking a class in Stumpwork from Jane Nicholas.


My god this piece is frickin' tiny! And incredibly fussy! After stitching for about 10 hours over the last 2 days my neck and eyes are sore.

But I had a really good time. It was nice to be out and be Jen, not So & So's Mama.

Here's pictures of the piece after day 1

And yes, that's right. That is a frickin DIME!!! I said it was tiny.

The finished piece is a bumble bee and a California Poppy. Here's one of the flower petals

And here's the two larger bee wings. Ut!

After Day 2

No dime this time...but still...

A close up on the bee. Isn't he cute? If you are paying attention, you'll see the stitching ON the wings.

I still have 5 petals to stitch at about an hour each, plus I have at least 6 hours more like 7-8 hours to go on this little bugger. The nice thing is now I have it to where it is portable. I can toss it into a little bag and take off with it and work on it when I have a chance. I'll be posting more pictures when its done.
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A few months ago Elli comes up to me while I'm knitting and says

"Mommy! I wanna do that thing you do with the pointy thing"

I think about this.

"Do you mean you want to knit baby?"

"NO! The other thing. With the circle thing"

*lightbulb* I had been working on Gray's Christmas stocking a few weeks prior.

"You want to do some stitching?" " YES!" "Okay baby, I'll have something for you tomorrow"

I went to my stitching stash, pulled out this cheap evenweave I picked up years ago for doodle cloth, whack off a good size square, put it in a 5 in hoop. Grab some red #3 pearl cotton and use my water soluble marker to draw a small snowflake pattern.  The next day we sit down together in my rocking chair and "stitch" my hand over hers and talking her through the process. She lost interest about halfway through and I put it away.

She finally remembered it again about 2 weeks ago. We pulled it out and finished it. Yea Elli!

Ike and Gwen then decide they want to stitch. First, we make a trip to Michaels so everyone can pick out their own embroidery hoop (I only have 1) Everyone picks a different color, so there will be NO arguments about whose hoop is whose. A couple of nights ago I whack off some more fabric and load the hoops.

This afternoon, we sit down while Gray is napping and stitch! Ike is sitting on the kitchen table and working pretty independently. He understands the push from the bottom, pull from the top thing. He only needed the occasional "What do I do now Mommy?" instruction. His independence was actually really useful, as Gwen needed her needle re-threaded after every pull. He was kind enough to help her. This allowed me to divide my attention between the two girls. Elli didn't need me to guide her hands anymore, but she did need me to point out exactly where she needed to go. Gwen, touching a needle for the first time, needed my hands to guide her.  Helping all three through this process was actually pretty intense. But I have to admit, pretty cool.

And I have to admit, I was VERY happy to hear Gray wake up when he did. After an hour I was wiped!

Both Ike and Gwen finished their snowflakes, and Elli got a good start on her next ornament a Christmas tree in 3 colors using backstitch. Ike also started his tree too. He kept stitching for awhile in my room after Gray woke up.

I am really liking how much Ike is enjoying handwork. He gets very calm and centered and (YES!!!!) focused. The only downside I could possibly see is that someday some other friend might make some disparaging comments.

I also need to come up with some more projects for them to work on...must do research. =)

My sling

Oct. 2nd, 2009 10:04 pm
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The other day I ripped a big hole in my baby sling. Broke my heart. So some one anonymously suggested that I use what's left to make memento's for the kids with it.

Which is bloody brilliant!

I decided what I'm going to do with it. A couple of years ago, my mom bought these cross stitch Christmas Ornament patterns for me to stitch. They are personalized name trees. I haven't stitched them yet, and I need to buy one for Grayson. I'll use the sling fabric as the backing for all 6 ornaments! That way we all still have a piece of it, and it remains a family heirloom. But I don't end up keeping a useless, but very sentimental hunk of fabric.

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I'm posting this for [ profile] themusecalliope 

I'm a geek, but Wow...

I totally want to write the person who did this and say "Can I have a copy of the pattern? Pretty Please?"

Its a cross stitched Tardis, finished as a Christmas Ornament. Ut!

Here's the link to where it was originally posted. The Worlds Largest Collection of Smalls.

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So I've been bad about posting pictures. I framed a couple of pieces and stitched another.

Cut to save you space! )

Hopefully there will be more soon.

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I finished Kei's Parfait last week. I think it came out spectacular. I can't wait to show it to her. (The designer is a member of my local EGA Chapter). The Color choices are mine, it was originally designed for two tones of one color. But I saw it and said to her "This needs to be done in black, red and gold." Its a little stretched, but I haven't removed it from the frame yet...ironing will fix it.

Here's the picture.

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I finished something yesterday (yea me!), went to my WIP list to cross it off and discovered I only have 4 WIP's right now.

Wow...I'm good.


Now I guess I'll pull out one of the old (read 6 years and counting) projects and work on it a bit.

I'll post pictures later.


Jan. 24th, 2009 03:57 pm
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I just hate it when I get all excited about a new project, sit down, start stitching...and realize the fabric isn't working.


So. The floss toss looked great, but I'm stitching pale colors on a pale tan linen...1 over 1. The floss is getting lost. I think I'll invest in an chunk of Antique White and stitch on that...the pale colors should contrast against the soft white easily.

But still...Grrrr.
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First Up! Finished on Jan 1, 2009 a Penny Rug, Acorns and Oak Leaves by Indygo Junction, its wool felt embroidery. My first attempt in working this technique...I really enjoyed it. Its a bit fuzzy.

Then today I finished Imagination by Szulet. This is 1 over 2 on 28 ct White Lugana with WDW Confetti and plain DMC 310.

Yea Me!
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So, last November (I think) I set up another 10-25-50 Challenge List, here it is as it currently stands.

1 Simple Elegance by Just a thought WIP
2 Cat Redwork by Bird Brain
3 Imagination by Szulet WIP
4 Dragonal Seasons by Dette
5 Poinsetta in a Pot Stumpwork
6 Swirly Sampler by Bent Creek DONE! 6/8/08
7 3-d Paper Basket EGA Monthly project
8 Blah by Monsterbubbles DONE! 1/12/08
9 Bouquet Table Runner by Bird Brain
10 Hen Party Table Topper by Dutch Treat
11 Chicken Run by Nadel Faden DONE! 12/7/08
12 Mermaid Canvas by M. Murphy
13 Easter Bunny Ornament Canvas
14 Sewing Bee Pin Cushion by Bird Brain
15 Carnation Sampler by Aion Designs
16 Rose Sampler by Aion Designs
17 Flower Sprinkles-Sissors Fob
18 Flower Sprinkles-Needle Book
19 Castle Sissors Fob DONE! 4/27/08
20 Acorn Harvest Thread Keeper by Historic Stitches
21 New Beginning
22 Fleur des anges by DKS DONE! 5/28/08
23 Garden Plot Thickens by Amy Mitten WIP
24 Star Maiden by Stitchy Witches WIP
25 Thimble Creek Ornament (1 of 4)

I wanted 10 off the list, I got 5. But I also added in the caveat that for the 10-25-50 challenge that if I stitched something that I kitted up completely from my stash and spent less than $5.00 to get going, it counted for something else and I could strike off one item on my list. With that in mind I kitted and finished 6 items completely from stash. Woo HOO! Stash reduction is a wonderful thing.

So the Finished list looks like this
1. Blah by Monsterbubbles 1/12/08
2. Apple Ornament 3/13/08
3. Apple Ornament 3/15/08
4. Primitive Hearts 3/21/08
5. Castle Scissors Fob 4/27/08
6. Scissors Fob 5/3/08 (there was enough materials from the Castle Fob, I just stitched another rather than toss the materials.)
7. Fleur des anges by DKS 5/28/08
8. Swirly Sampler by Bent Creek 6/8/08
9. Chicken Run by Nadel Faden 12/7/08
10. Pointsetta Ornament 12/5/08
11. Wool Penny Rug 1/1/09 (I'm still listing it here, I was hoping to sneak it in on NYE, but people still came over knowing the kids were here.)

My goal for 2009? Continue on the 10-25-50 challenge, focusing on those WIPS and the other WIPs I've listed in an Elimination Challenge on the Legacy Guild. Here's the list

1. Star Maiden by Witches Stitches 40% done
2. Garden Plot Thickens (BBAP) by Amy Mitten 25% done
3. Simple Elegance by Judy Odell 40% done
4. Penny Wool Penny Rug 50% done DONE! 1/1/09
5. Imagination 1% done (This is actually closer to 90% done as of this morning. I've got 1.5 letters left to stitch
6. Kei's Parfait sampler 55% done

These things actually haven't been started yet, but I still want to stitch them this year. The rules for this challenge said I could list 10 WIPS. I had/have less than that. So I added

7. Many Years Sampler (HA!)  (This is a BAP, this is lower on my list than Garden Plot)
8. Grayson's Santa Redwork Stocking

And I'm going to add to the list just for fun. (Because I only listed 8 when the challenge was posted)
9. Carnation Quaker
10 A special day gift for a particular someone who actually reads this blog

I also want to finish (either framing or other finishing technique) 10 items in my To Finish Stack I've got frames for 2 things I just need some time to sit down and do it. I've got plans and supplies for about 4 others...again, I need time to just do it.  And just to list them
I have frames for
1. Fleur des Anges
2. Swirly Sampler (a wrench has been thrown into this one. In moving my craft/stitching supplies, I lost the charm that I needed to add to the sampler for it to be done. Its not expensive ($3), but it takes 12 weeks to get my hands on another. I'll search for it later)
3. Cookies Santa (I need to find a fat half cut of some red wool felt to finish)
4. Chicken Run (I have all the materials, I just need to cut the acid free foam core)
5. Anything else in my To Finish Box

And just for a bonus, I just noticed that I didn't list anything in my goals off the 10-25-50 List.

I'll have to fix that. =)

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I thought you all might be amused by this one.

My favorite hobby/addiction/money sink is my stitching.

I don't have much time to stitch, I'm usually too busy chasing chasing the kids and taking care of the house.

So I'm just over half way though this pregnancy (22 down, 16 to go!), I'm finding that I need to rest more, so my stitching time is increasing because as everyone knows...what's a better way to relax than stitching?

Now my carpal tunnel has flared. I'll need to cut back on my stitching.

The Universe is laughing at me.
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Just so I can find this again.

Beth Katz's Pinhead Stitch Instructions
Full text under cut )
Note to self, I don't think she picked this up from Martha Beth, I just checked her books (class taken in 2003?2004?) and it wasn't in any of them.
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And don't want it anymore?

There's a program for you.

Operation Support Our Troops.

What's it for?

They distribute needlework kits to family at Walter Reed and Fort Sam Houston. For the "quiet helpers, the Moms and the spouses, could do to help make the many hours that they sit and wait go by, to help relieve their stress and most importantly to let them know how much we are thinking of them and holding their soldier and their families in our thoughts."

Any kind of complete needlework, knitting, or crocheting kits (or things you kit yourself) are accepted.

I am so going through my stash. I have so much stuff I'll never get to, that I can share.


Jul. 21st, 2008 01:23 pm
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I admit, I'm a fan girl...but I'm not a big of a Doctor Who fan girl as this person.

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The SBQ this week is

Do you currently subscribe to any stitching publications or have you in the past? (Either in print or online) If so, which ones?

Oh my goodness. I subscribe to or have subscribed so many magazines its just silly.

The ones I currently get are:
The Gift of Stitching Magazine (online)
Antique Sampler Stitching Magazine (online)
Cross Stitch and Needlework (formerly Stitchers World)
Needlepointers (Official Magazine for ANG)
Needle Arts Magazine (Official Magazine for EGA)

Ones I've had in the past:
Stoney Creek
Country Cross Stitching
Cross Stitcher
Cross Stitch and Needlework (The old one, published by Better Homes and Gardens)

I've also been known to pick up issues of:
Sampler and Needlework Quarterly
Emboridery and Needlework
Inspirations (Now here's a magazine I'd love a subscription for)

Boy that's a lot. No wonder my filing cabinet is stuffed!
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Maybe it should be an anniversary present
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So here's some of the pictures I promised.

I showed a picture of Monsterbubbles "Blah" when I finished stitching it, now here's a pic of it in its final form

I also finished Flower Sprinkles Biscornu...its my first one and I'm surprised it came together so easily.

And lastly I finished a project I bought at the Stitching Festival in 2003. It was the official project. What you can't see is that its mounted on a very nice wooden box. (That picture didn't come out and I'm too lazy to snap another at this time of night, and it probably wouldn't come out well anyway.) I think its also my first official Bargello piece. It was fun.

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Last Thursday night I went to my twice a month EGA meeting. The first meeting of the month is the "Stitch and Bitch". Nothing organized, we sit around a BIG table and stitch and chat. This time I took 2 pieces that needed finishing. So I finished stitching up the Flower Sprinkles Biscornu, stuffed it, and closed it off. It went together very nicely. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I also (mostly) finished a silk hankie with silk ribbon embroidery Christmas Angel that I stitched something like 10 years ago. I have to glue the halo on, and iron her and she's done.
On Saturday morning I washed and ironed a bunch of pieces of finished stitching. Now I can get correct measurements for the acid free foam core I'll procure today so I can make them into wall hangings. I also washed and ironed the backing materials.

On Sunday Night (while Joe was with the kids at my Grams house) I did the last step of finishing "Fa la la la, blah, blah, blah, blah." I glued on the edging to hide the joined front and back. I also put together the valentine pin mattress (still needs edging glued on, I'll get to that today), and I finished the treasure box. I stitched the top a couple of years ago. I washed and ironed it on Saturday, stretched it and glued it to the box on Sunday.

I'm finding the large amounts of books in the spare room very useful when I'm gluing the front and back pieces together. I put a clean diaper on the floor. A clean diaper on top and then load a large stack of books on it. Twenty-four hours later. Its done.

So what am I actually stitching now?

On Friday I started a new project. Or rather an abandoned WIP. I think I put in a half a dozen stitches in it on January 1, 2007 and I haven't touched it since. So I re-started Amy Mittens "The Garden Plot Thickens". Its not only a mystery sampler (or at least that's how it was originally designed and released) but its a murder mystery. The clues are hidden in the short stories at the start of each piece of the sampler and in the needlework. The solution is in an envelope taped to the back  of the book. I've finished the first two bands and am starting band 3. The original mystery came out in 12 installments and took a year. I am going to try and do one each month for the next year. I'm thinking it shouldn't be too difficult as each section isn't too large. This month is the first 4 bands. Next month is the band with the lady in it. I'm definitely thinking its doable. This is a fun sampler for me, because I'm using more than just one or two stitches. There's lots of different types of stitches with this one. I'm even trying to do the single path double running stitch as its called for. But on some of the bigger sections, I get waaaaaay to confused, so I just use a normal backstitch. Its turning out very pretty, and I'm very happy with it.

That's pretty much it for now. I'll take some pictures this afternoon and attempt to post them later.
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I finished something! Woo Hoo!

Actually I finished several somethings.


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