Letting go

Jan. 14th, 2014 10:10 am
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So. It's January. I look around...my house is a mess (shocking I know) and I see so much....STUFF. I'm really beginning to feel the weight of stuff in my life. I'm tired of taking care of it.

But there's the sentimental attachment to stuff. It's hard to let go of that.

Then I realized I could capture the stuff with a picture. So. This morning. I decided to let go of two items that have huge sentimental value...but are in essence. Dust Collectors.

First up. This...thing.

I made this in wood shop (remember when public schools still *had* wood shop??) in (wait for it) 6th grade. I was so proud of it....and it wasn't until I saw the other side

That I noticed that this thing has been doing nothing but collecting dust in some house of mine or my mothers...for over 30 years. Yea. Time to go.

Then went this.

I took a ceramics class my Senior year of high school...this is a mask of my own face. Gwen is modeling it for me. Yea. What in the hell do I do with it? I checked the date. March 29, 1990. Right. Done nothing but collect dust for nearly 24 years.

With a sigh. Both are now gone. And it's okay.

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Regarding Biologists Francis Crick's research

"[Dreaming] is as being akin to a computers defrag program. The chaotic welter of sense impressions and experiences taken in during the consicous day are organized, sorted and stored as learned information and memory through the unconscious night. Our dreams are the ancillary discharges of a brain busily tidying up the hard drive"

Kate Braestrup, "Beginners Grace" page 41

What an awesome image!
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And successfully released outside.

I took the kids to KidsPark for a couple of hours so I could run some errands without distraction. Then I had to run back home because I realized I left the house without my cell phone. Whoops! When I walked in the front door, there was that poor lizard, lying on the floor in front of the front door. He just sat there and looked sad. He didn't even try to get away when I picked him up. He was missing the tip of his tail and the stump was covered in dust bunnies. He seemed happy to be released into the front garden and scurried away from me pretty quickly.

Yea! No dessicated lizard bodies to discover some day!
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OMG! This is very cool!

I am in love with the Amazon wish lists. The only problem is that it is limited to items only on Amazon.

Not anymore!!!!!

They've added a cookie(?) app(?) where you can go shopping ANYWHERE hit the button in your browser toolbar and ADD IT TO YOUR AMAZON WISH LIST!!!!

I will be going nuts on the needlework stuff.

Amazon's Universal Wish List Button


Jun. 16th, 2008 05:25 pm
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Since someone mentioned it earlier in their own blog...

I want to get Ike into Scouting of some sort. But I do NOT want him in Boy Scouts of America. I don't support organizations that discriminate. Girl Scouts won't let him in. (An organization that is smart enough not to discriminate based on Sexual Identity/Orientation. Considering that most of the higher ups I ever met were Family, it would be quite stupid of them to adopt such policies.), so....what else is there? I'm only familiar with BSA and GSA. Are there other scouting type organizations out there in the world?



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