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Jan. 6th, 2016 06:56 pm
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While driving with the children this afternoon we were discussing the topic of competence (in particular what constitutes competence in the workplace and the pay you receive because of it).  And the following conversation occurred.

Ike: So how much does Auntie [livejournal.com profile] allanh make?
Me: No clue. But not enough. He's extremely competent but underpaid.
Gwen (backseat): He makes enough to get all the cheese he wants!

This made me laugh because of the randomness. Further inquiry showed that she meant Unka Randy...who is, in fact, the cheese fiend.

School starts tomorrow! Yes!

Oh! I got a response on that resume I sent yesterday. It was just an acknowledgement, but that's a first for this school.
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I thought about it and realized that I needed to post pictures here with my phone and then come back and annotate them. Easiest way I know to do this. They are not in any proper order, I'm just posting them.

We spent a night in Jackson, WY on our way from Salt Lake City and Yellowstone. The night before was the super rough one with Gray up in the night puking his guts up. Earlier he had enough energy to go down the Alpine Slide, but after that he didn't want to get out of the car. This was taken on our way to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We were driving to get to the highway and stopped when I saw this. That arch is made from shed elk antlers. What you can't see is that there's one on each corner of this park. Ut.

We took a ride down an Alpine Slide. It's something a ski resort carves into the hill side so that there's some way for them to make money during the winter. Runs right under the chair lift on the left. In the Winter it's completely covered in snow and you'd never know it was there. This is the first time I ever rode a chair lift. Fun! Gray wasn't feeling well but well enough for a ride.

Gray rode down the slide with me. So I only managed to snap a picture of Gwen as she went last.

You can tell they are so enthused to be at the Grand Tetons. I thought it was beautiful. They were "NO MOM! We don't want to have our picture taken!!" "Too bad, get out of the car"

I saw this as I was pulling out of that parking lot and thought it was hysterical.

On our way out of West Yellowstone, we found there is a Wolf and Grizzly refuge. This picture is not zoomed, the wolf came that close to the window. Beautiful!

A HUGE mushroom on a tree I spotted as we were leaving a rest stop somewhere in Montana.

The really, really, really cool Dragon on A Merry go round for Missoula.

As we left Missoula for Kalispell my van flipped 100000 miles. Woot

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I left home last Sunday with a fully packed van and four kids. And a dog. The dog got left with mom.

The ride to Reno was uneventful. We checked into Circus Circus with no problems. We were disappointed to find the buffet closed, so we ate at their in-house diner. The kids had hamburgers.

We got up early and started the drive to Salt Lake. I was warned by several people that there's not much to see between the two. I found them wrong. Gently rolling hills, little valleys, rivers, trains, livestock and gorgeous colors of vegetation! I was really impressed by the abrupt change in the landscape between Nevada and Utah. You knew immediately you were someplace different.

We spent two nights in Salt Lake visiting one of my friends. We went to This is the Place Heritage Park in the morning. The kids really enjoyed it. Its a living history park and the houses are either historic buildings moved to this area or are recreations. I liked how they showed both the homes of poor people and those who were better off. Ike was fascinated by the blacksmith. We also got to see the live version of "gotta piss like a horse" I've never seen that before and the kids were impressed. We spent the afternoon down in Temple Square. The history museum was interesting and the visitors center was fascinating. Then we walked around the temple. There are two sets of impressive doors that haven't been used in ages. If temple-goers want to go in, the entrance is a street away and you go underground. I shudder to think about how they would get everyone out case of fire. The other thing about the Temple that struck me is it's size. Or rather lack thereof. Now. It's tall. It's gloriously tall and impressive. However, the footprint is quite small. I think my Mom's parish church has a bigger footprint. I was expecting something like a Roman Catholic Cathedral size. It's not. I was told they spent 40 years building it. For some reason, I wasn't too impressed. They've been working on the Gaudi Cathedral for over 100 (131 so far with another estimated 13 to go (a couple of wars halted construction, go figure)). Gray decided that he was going to get sick that afternoon and spent the afternoon in my arms. Sleeping. He also decided to pop a pretty good fever that night. But he woke up the next morning bright and chipper.

We spent the 28th driving to Jackson, WY. I got to see wheat fields for the first time ever! Cool. I tried not to breathe too deeply. Pretty drive. I found a road [livejournal.com profile] allanh s husband Randy needs to drive. Not only did it have the joy of curves and ups and downs...you got to dodge livestock! It was an uneventful drive. Jackson is gorgeous! We definitely want to go back. We only spent this one night and there's so much to do! Gray decided to get really sick on this night and we were up from about 1:30-4:30 with him alternatively vomiting and extreme EBS. Poor thing. I left a huge tip for the housekeeping crew, he threw up all over the bed several times (after Ike woke us up at 6).

We got up and went to this alpine slide I read about. It was awesome!!! First time I've ever ridden a ski lift. Then we hit the road. Drove through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Amazing thunder storm overhead as we entered Yellowstone park, and then we crested a hill, and the storm was gone. Blue skies and warm sunshine. Had to convince the children to stick around long enough to see Old Faithful. I had to bribe them with ice cream. Wow. Just wow. Drove out of the park to our next hotel. Gray was miserable by this point and needed to go to bed. Ended up seeing a bison just wandering down the road in the opposite lane before we got out of the park. Yes! Only wildlife we saw in the park. Got to the next hotel and put everyone to bed.

On the 30th we drove to Missoula, MT. There's all these little signs on the side of the road telling you interesting things to see. I stopped at one called the "Lake that Tilted". It kinda caught my attention. Serious earthquake in 1959 literally tilted the lake and created another billion gallons of storage area. It also dumped 80 million tons of rock on the north end and drowned a campground. The mountain damage is obvious and you drive ON TOP of the fallen rock. It was kinda eerie, but also fascinating. Got to the hotel in Missoula.

Everybody felt great the next day on the 31. Joe was flying in and we had time to kill. We had breakfast and then I started to feel awful. So did Ike. I finally got us out of the room and into the car and stopped at the Carousel for Missoula. There's a dragon for the kids to ride!!! Ike was sufficiently sick, he stayed in the car to sleep. The other three rode it twice. Then we hit the road for Kalispell and Joe. The drive was nice, but I was feeling too awful to really notice anything. I got to Joe an hour late. =( But we got to the next hotel and I went to bed while Joe took care of the 3 non sick kids.

This morning we got up and moving and checked out from the hotel with like 5 minutes to spare. We stopped at a local grocery store for food for a couple of days and made it to the house we are staying at. It's gorgeous. On a lake. The kids played. And passed out.
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I'm lucky enough to live where there a weekend of yarn porn.

Stitches West from the Knitting Universe is a Yarn Con. Yarn, fibers, and more yarn. *sigh*

I decided to take a couple of market classes (1 hour learn something specific classes that are cheap) so if I had been so inclined, I could have gone to the pre-public market opening Thursday night. I decided after spending a day at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, and I was already planning to spend both Friday and Saturday at the Con, I'd go home.

Friday morning we got up and go moving. The girls and I dropped Gray at KidsPark and we went to the shopping. We didn't have to waste time in the LONG ass buy market tickets 'cause I could go in anytime I wanted as an attendee and the girls are under 10 so they didn't need badges. And we shopped. And shopped...and shopped some more. Stitches West is held at the Santa Clara convention center, which has something like 100,000 square feet in the big hall....the yarn show takes the entire big hall for the market. It took us a couple of hours to go through the market. And even then the girls gave up before we saw it all. Gwen found a skein of really pretty loopy yarn in her favorite colors and then they found a new craft. Punch Needle Rug Hooking. If you've ever seen punch embroidery, same concept, except for using rug yarn on monk's cloth. The booth ladies were oh so kind enough to let them try and they got hooked fast (Ha!). So I bought 2 kits. Not bad priced $15.00. The punch needles on the other hand.OUCH. $35.00 each. Being a smart mom I bought 2. Which turned out to be a good thing because once I got those kits home and showed them to Ike and Joe they both asked for a kit too. The three big kids spent all of today (Sunday) passing the two needles back and forth. Those of you who know me well may ask..."why didn't you get a kit for yourself Jen?" Because I have a huge chunk of Monk's cloth in my stash and I figure by the time the other four get through their kits, there will be plenty of rug yarn left for me to use for my own project. And as a note, I got though Friday's shopping expedition without buying a single thing for myself. (please be impressed)

I went back all by myself Saturday morning. Took a class, shopped for an hour, took another class, shopped for another 2 hours. I came home with 1800 yards of sport/dk weight alpaca yarn. (Lovely stuff, so soft) 750 yards of a camel/silk blend in more dk weight, 750 yards in lace that's a linen/silk blend (lace "should" be soft, but they had a sample and OMG it looked so beautiful, the lace was just so crisp and easily seen) and 200 yards of this fancy silk/metallic blend from one of my all time favorite supplies of stitching silk.  I was just wandering around the show and I come across this little booth the title is "Victoria Clayton" from PA. And I'm like hrmmm...how many Vicki Clayton's from PA can there be. I wander into this tiny booth and see some lovely shiny yarn. Hrm...maybe not the same Vicki Clayton. I look around a bit closer and see in the back her signature silk ribbon. And I turn around and go "OMG! This is Hand Dyed Fibers! I love stitching with your silk!!! When did you move into yarn?" We had a great conversation and I was the third stitcher she met this weekend. And the second mom who picked up knitting 'cause it's portable (unlike stitching). It was so cool to meet her!

It was a good weekend. I didn't buy too much yarn and the stuff I bought it stuff I've never stitched with before. I want to try different things. And I'm just SO glad we picked up yet another yarn craft, but I am glad it's one that Elli seems to enjoy. (cause she hates to knit)

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Finally got around to getting a picture taken of the dolls my mom and I made for the girls for Christmas. Took a lot of work...but it was totally worth it.

Now Gray is asking for one for his Birthday...

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I light a candle for mood when I read or tell the girls their story of the day. After the story they tend to argue over who's turn it is to blow the thing out. Today was Gwen's turn. Gray disagreed with this...so she pulled the candle over to her, took a deep breath, and blew hard right down on the candle.

The left side of her face, including her hair, ended up getting covered with little drops of hot wax.

I burst out laughing.

Because it really wasn't that long ago that Ike did the exact same thing.
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2013 is shaping up well. Took Ike to the ER tonight for evaluation after he and two of his classmates attempted to occupy the same space during a game of tag. In other words, Ike got his head bashed again and complained of headache, nausea, and sleepiness. Fun! And to add insult to injury? My co-pay doubled with the New Year. Yipee! And OMG that hurt. (I'm not looking forward to the co-pay for his surgery next month. OMG that's gonna SUCK. If I had known everything was going up...I'd of had his surgery done last year to get it done on the cheap!)

Oh...and he's ordered to stay home tomorrow to rest and we should expect a degradation in his behavior again.


Yesterday was capped off with a simultaneous crying jag by the girls on how they want friends. They are lonely and want to go to school. They like the school part of homeschooling...its the no friends part they don't. I'm feeling defeated, disappointed, and like I made a huge mistake for these girls. And I'm feeling swamped trying to teach and do all my homework. I'm behind.

I think I need more sun and more time outside. The being stuck inside and having no time to sit under my lamp-o-wonder isn't helping my mood.


Need sleep.
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I just discovered that Elli and Gwen defaced every piece of Gray's wood train set (We've invested a lot in track...and its not the cheap stuff. I bought quality so it would last a generation or two). They wrote one of their initials on every stinkin' piece. Gwen's won't be too hard to remove...but Elli used a dry erase marker.
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No more crying in the morning over tangles and brushing!


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Wow, that was awesome!!! The Journey took place over the entire campus. There were lots of oooo's! and Ahhh's! And believe it or not, some tears. Once Ike figured out that several of his classmates were in the cast he was upset and feeling left out. But overall a successful evening and a satisfying end to all of the frantic creation going on for the last month. And especially the last couple of days. Between Wednesday and Thursday I baked something like 11 dozen cookies for this and I carved 6 pumpkins yesterday...and I've been helping out with the other crafting sessions since school started. My hands HURT!

Now to start prepping for the next event: Amahl and the Night Visitors. Musical Theater!!!! Wooooot!!! So, mark your calendar's ya'll, we are putting on two shows, one on the evening of December 16 and a matinee on the 17th. Oh. And Gwen is currently one of the kids cast in the lead part (There's like 4). And, uh, yours truly is cast as the Mother (which is the adult lead part). (The rest of the family will also be on stage doing other bits) This is a fund raiser for the school so please make plans to attend a show!
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Okay, I admit it, I'm a lame parent. I forgot to take pictures of the kids before taking them on their first day of school.

So I took them after school...and then forgot to snap one of Ike.  But I did manage to snap pics of the girls on their first day of Kindergarten.



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The girls are finally old enough to start losing teeth.

Gwen lost her first tooth back in July

And then we went to the Calendonian Club's Highland games Labor Day weekend where Elli lost her first tooth...and I yanked out the second (the one that had been bugging her for 2 weeks) right before bed. So Elli lost her first two teeth in one day!

(cute picture of everyone right before bed...had to use it)

My babies are growing up!!!

I got to see the cutest (okay, second cutest) set of 1 year old twin girls at the park today. They were so adorable!!! Brought back so many memories of my girls when they were that small (were they ever really that small????)

Five Years

Aug. 16th, 2010 07:04 am
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I have been lucky enough to be the Mama to two wonderful little girls for the last five years. I thought I'd post a few of my favorite pictures on their Birthday.

A couple of days old...home from the hospital

12 week portrait

First Birthday

Second Birthday

Ike's Cast

Jul. 20th, 2010 10:16 pm
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Ike got his cast removed this morning. He is one very happy boy. The tech who removed it was completely appalled at the amount of encrusted sand, tan bark, and dirt on Ike's leg. Ike had a couple of pinpoint open sores from the sand and dirt. The tech wouldn't even let us leave until he'd cleaned up his foot and leg with hydrogen peroxide. Ike's first few steps were wobbly but he went roller blading this afternoon so he's alright.

I just realized that I completely forgot to take a picture of Ike in his cast. Thus keeping my family tradition of no pictorial evidence of such injuries. Which made Joe just a bit upset. I went and got the camera out and downloaded the last months worth of pictures. Although I didn't set out to take a picture of Ike in his casted glory, I managed to find that I did capture the image while at the zoo last week.

And for the fun of it, here's another couple of pictures of other people that day.

Can you tell he just woke up from a nap?

Check it out! Pigtails!!! The girls hair is finally getting long enough to do this again.

Elli masters a Flying Turtle.
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She does get some good ones.

We were playing outside in the backyard, Gray was wondering around near the swings and Gwen was climbing into a swing.

Gwen: "I'm gonna kick the Baby!"

Me: "Don't kick the Baby!"

Gwen: "Kick the baby!"

I can't make this stuff up.
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She said I was the best. I wanted it preserved for prosperity...this is what I got.

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Gwen took a big step as a little girl today.

She rode her brother's bike all the way around the block. By herself. (And no helmet)

In some ways I couldn't be more proud of her. She's exploring her world.

In some ways it scared me shitless. I didn't know where my child was. But she came back, safe and sound. And very proud of herself.

And no one called the cops (which is what I'm really afraid of)

Ike was told, next time, instead of coming home to tell me where she was, that he should stick with her. "Always stick together."

But they both broke the rules, they are supposed to stay on our street without going around the corner.

Both have lost their right to play in the front of the house for the rest of the week.

My babies are growing up!
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Are the coolest  4 year olds ever!

Today we went to Costco before lunch. Had lunch there (duh), and got home sometime around 1. Gray was starving, so all I brought in was the dairy and other things that needed refrigeration.  After feeding Gray, I got distracted and at some point Gwen comes up to me holding a package of hot dogs saying "Mommy, these go in the garage right?" "Yes, sweetheart"

A few minutes pass before the question she asked sunk into my brain. So I go into the kitchen and the girls are in the middle of putting the groceries away. Gwen had pulled out the step-stool and was in the process of putting the various cheese away and Elli was struggling to open the milk box (milk comes in a box with 2 1-gal bottles in it)

"Are you guys putting the groceries away?"


"what a lucky mommy I am to have two helpful little girls! Thank you!"

I think I actually got them to blush.


Dec. 12th, 2009 08:26 am
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Gwen insists on calling Dr. Suess, Doctor Who.
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in fifteen minutes,
Clicky for piccy )

I am now recognizing that allanh should love this post...their birthday is in 3 weeks love!


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