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Immediately before noticing the wee beastie I took a basket of clean laundry Joe just brought in from the garage, and dropped it on the floor. I then grabbed  something off my dresser and turned around and saw the wee thing.

He must of been in the laundry. And since Joe just pulled the laundry out of the dryer...the poor beastie must of been IN the laundry.

So he got tumbled dry on high with little girl clothes. No wonder he looked so sickly. Can you imagine how dizzy he was?

Needless to say, we are redoing THAT particular load of laundry. And a trip to OSH is scheduled today to get a cover for the dryer outlet. Must of crawled in from the outside.


Jul. 27th, 2012 09:48 pm
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We have this infestation of ROUSs in our garage (so we thought). We put out traps, no dice. After a week we called a professional. He put out traps and sprayed a couple of things outside. After a week he came back out to see how things were doing. No ROUSs caught. He re-baited the traps and left in a cloud of cigarette smoke (no he didn't smoke around us...but Man it was seriously lingering). Grumble, Grumble, grumble.

This morning I went out to the garage and found one of the sticky traps we had put out a couple of weeks ago loaded with 2 mice. Eww. Oh. And they were still alive. Double Eww! I had Joe double glove himself and he took the trap out to the garbage (Hopefully the heat got the little guys. Awfully cute. I don't want them to suffer, just go away!)

This evening I went into my bedroom to put something away. I turned from where I was and saw a mouse sitting on the floor as calm as could be. Peanut came in and it didn't even budge. Okay, one dead mouse in my bedroom ewww. I shut the door on Peanut just in case and found something I could trap the mouse under (flower pot liner). I got it over the mouse, it woke up a bit and started to squirm a bit while I yelled for Joe. He came in and saw what I was doing and ran out to the recycling to get a piece of cardboard. We successfully slid it under the wee beastie, took him outside and tossed him in the garbage with his friends.

Now. Here's the real "Ewwww" I've not yet seen any activity of rodents anywhere else in the house other than the garage. So where in the hell did he come from????

Now. Here's the irony. Elli and Gwen are asking for a cage and a couple of pet mice for their birthday. I don't think so.
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I have this wall in my entryway. When we moved in I attempted to create a wall of initialed hooks. Cool idea. The hooks were too wimpy for the job and fell out one by one over the last few years, and in addition I had left several test holes in the wall when I installed them. The plaster was even falling off in some places. It looked awful.

Joe's parents were here for a week over Easter. Before they came out I told Ike that he had a job. He was supposed to ask Grandpa to show him how to fill holes in walls. Specifically the holes in that wall in the entryway. I also told him that if he filled in the holes, painted the wall, and installed the new hook rack I purchased, I'd call it even from when he broke my windshield last year. He took me up on it.

So while Dad was here he showed Ike how to fill in every room of the house! All the holes they could find are patched up. Ike and I cleaned the wall in question, removed the electrical plate, removed the light fixture, taped appropriate things off, painted it (he's short and I wanted to do the cutting in) (OMG Its so annoying to paint with just a 3 in brush...I couldn't find a roll for the roller or a bigger brush...took forever.), restored everything we removed and finally installed the new hook bar.

And it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. No more holes, no more children's artwork. Just plain, blank, clean wall.

My goal is to paint the house over the room, one wall at a time. Ike will help. I may even pay him.

Here's the finished wall:


Feb. 14th, 2012 05:18 pm
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After waiting 6 weeks (!!!!!) PG & E finally came out and took out the e-meter and installed the one that can run in both directions...and I got to turn on the solar panels. After being on for an afternoon...its in the negative!!! This is so cool!
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Hanging pictures and artwork? I have empty walls and lots of pictures and needlework to hang up, but I have no talent in making it look good.

Does that make sense?

Whenever I hang stuff it ends up looking like I just threw it up there just like Tigger does in the Tigger Movie. It doesn't look harmonious...or good. I need some help figuring out what should go up, and what should it be put next to.

Anybody willing to come over and help?


Fire day

Jun. 13th, 2008 11:38 pm
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I was outside playing with the kids today for most of the afternoon. Between 4 & 5 I noticed that it was getting hazy, and the sunlight was turning felt more like fall sunlight, than height of summer sunlight. By 7 it looked like this

This is from our backyard looking southeast.

This is also from our backyard looking north. We closed up the house and cranked on the A/C right after (before?) I took these...with that much crap in the air, I didn't want to trigger an asthma attack. [personal profile] allanh and his lovely husband Randy came over for dinner and told us the fire was somewhere close to the 9 in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  At least we don't have to worry about the fire reaching us...but the sky looks AWFUL.
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Last night while Joe was taking a turn at kid wrangling, Ike and Gwen threw all the books on the left side of our paperback bookshelf on the floor. (Joe was putting Elli to sleep.)

I'd like some help tackling the job of re-alphabetizing them and putting them away. Anybody interested? Joe takes the kidlets to the gym both saturday and sunday morning, so we can work uninterrupted.



Oct. 6th, 2006 03:36 pm
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I have beautiful couch cushions!

But no couch.

Must look into this.


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