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this week we traveled to the 42nd Ave neighborhood in the NE section of Portland to visit Roses Ice Cream. It's an old fashioned dinner that also serves burgers, fries, and normal greasy spoon food. Joe is currently en-route to San Jose, so he loses out.

Good thing to note about this neighborhood. lots of families out walking with their kids.

Gray: mint chip. Four spoons

Gwen: rainbow sherbet. Five spoons.

Ike: mint chip. Three spoons

Elli: black walnut (takes after her mom loves that stuff) Five spoons.

Jen: Chocolate peanut butter Two spoons.

Overall, standard American ice cream. Nothing out of the ordinary. We got sundaes this week, the hot fudge and caramel sauce came out of number 10 cans and are overly sweet with no discernable flavor beyond sugar. Needless to say, the kids loved it...And I feel like my teeth are rotting out of my head. Bleh. too sweet. Closer to Fenton's than Cloud City, but the I've cream is better there than here.

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I really like the attached restaurant. I enjoyed the wine bar and the sushi bar.  The hand-tossed gourmet organic pizza looks great too. However, since this is a children's museum (or at least it's supposed to be) can you PLEASE add more child friendly and gluten free options to the menu? 


Thank you,




a frustrated hungry mom and her four hungry children


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Joe took the non-sick children on a bike ride today. After about an hour, I got a phone call. "Come get us." I drive over to where they are riding and this is what I see. My baby sitting in the middle of the road, bawling, covered in blood, tears, and road. He was going down "the big hill" and lost control of his bike and got smashed up. A quick visit to the ER (less than an hour!) got him x-rayed and examined. (He was holding his wrist funny, so I thought he might have broken it or his thumb). He's good. Covered in road rash. Not the first, and won't be the last. My little dare devil. (And yes, he was wearing a helmet, so no head injury other than road rash. Good thing too.)

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I thought about it and realized that I needed to post pictures here with my phone and then come back and annotate them. Easiest way I know to do this. They are not in any proper order, I'm just posting them.

We spent a night in Jackson, WY on our way from Salt Lake City and Yellowstone. The night before was the super rough one with Gray up in the night puking his guts up. Earlier he had enough energy to go down the Alpine Slide, but after that he didn't want to get out of the car. This was taken on our way to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We were driving to get to the highway and stopped when I saw this. That arch is made from shed elk antlers. What you can't see is that there's one on each corner of this park. Ut.

We took a ride down an Alpine Slide. It's something a ski resort carves into the hill side so that there's some way for them to make money during the winter. Runs right under the chair lift on the left. In the Winter it's completely covered in snow and you'd never know it was there. This is the first time I ever rode a chair lift. Fun! Gray wasn't feeling well but well enough for a ride.

Gray rode down the slide with me. So I only managed to snap a picture of Gwen as she went last.

You can tell they are so enthused to be at the Grand Tetons. I thought it was beautiful. They were "NO MOM! We don't want to have our picture taken!!" "Too bad, get out of the car"

I saw this as I was pulling out of that parking lot and thought it was hysterical.

On our way out of West Yellowstone, we found there is a Wolf and Grizzly refuge. This picture is not zoomed, the wolf came that close to the window. Beautiful!

A HUGE mushroom on a tree I spotted as we were leaving a rest stop somewhere in Montana.

The really, really, really cool Dragon on A Merry go round for Missoula.

As we left Missoula for Kalispell my van flipped 100000 miles. Woot


Jan. 11th, 2013 07:35 am
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When Ike came home on the last day of school before Christmas he says to me "Sorry Mom...your present just isnt''ll have to wait." I said "no problem"

Yesterday when I pick him up from school he has this huge cabbage in a plastic bag.

"Is that your's Ike?"
"Yep! I grew it in Gardening class"
"Awesome! It looks beautiful!"
"Merry Christmas Mama!"
"This is for me?"
"Yea, it wasn't ready to be picked before vacation, it was ready today."
"Did you get to choose what to grow?"
"Yep. I chose a cabbage 'cause I knew that's something you would like"

He's right...I weighed it, 3lbs 15.5 oz. It's a big cabbage. It's slated to become coleslaw and jalapeno saurkraut.

Doesn't he look so proud?

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From scratch. And it's even gluten-free and I used butter and lard ('cause you know lard makes the best pie crust ever)

Ain't it pretty?

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This is the only place, where after a few days of rain I see  sprouting in my garden: green beans, cilantro, and squash. It will be fun to watch and see what survives the winter.

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I've been lazy. My last
pedicure was in August. Then I spent (what seemed) forever in that boot. And I haven't gotten around to getting another yet. Last night I noticed that the last pedicure had grown out enough I could see the nail bed. It was purple.


I removed the polish and found that most of my nail is purple. I then remembered that at some point over the last few months, Joe and I dropped something really, really heavy on my foot, right across the nail bed of my toe. I remember tremendous pain. Check this out.


I wonder how long this will take to clear up.

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I had Foundation Studies this weekend. The Art for this session was drawing.  *Groan* 

I will not say I suck at drawing. I will not say I don't get it. But I will say...I'm learning. I'm just slow.

First we tried pastels on paper. After about 2 hours of work I ended up with this.

2012-11-10 17.34.03

Then we moved onto crayon. This is about 30 minutes of work.

2012-11-10 17.33.53

Then back to pastels...about an hour.

2012-11-10 17.34.12

And lastly pencils. This is after about an hour...and it's so not finished. And I'm not sure where to go next with it to continue it...I need to finish coloring in the boat, and the sails...and I've got to fix the cliff but I don't know how...

Bonus points to people who can correctly ID the myths or stories I drew for the last three drawings.

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Here's the group right before they left.

Elli and Gwen at their final fitting of their Princess Gowns. They picked out the pattern and asked Grandma to make their costumes. The gowns came out great! We used old square dance slips under them to poof them out.

Gray goes shopping for his costume. When he said Spider Man to the "what do you want to be?" question, I knew this one was not going to be made by us.

Ike on the other hand....wanted to be a Dalek. Oh dear. Okay. We gathered the traditional supplies: cardboard, duct tape, toilet plunger, hot glue, paint roller, spray paint,  paper mache, and curse words.


And we started.


Got the skirt done first.

Then got the body attached.

The sensor bumps.

Then the plunger and the helmet. We had to wait for Joe to get home to dismantle the paint roller and we never did get to the eyestalk. But we think it turned out alright in the end.




Jul. 5th, 2012 07:56 am
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I keep seeing this on my drive to school. Pretty much sums up how I feel about it.

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I found this sign outside the dorms. I think they were expecting me.

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My dresser now

What you don't see is the basket and box with all the items that need repair. I'm going to tackle some of those tonight as its handwork. The box contains items I need to sit down at the sewing machine to repair. I also got through those little drawers on top. LOTS of stuff, stuffed in there. I even went through the items within the drawers. I eventually had a nice sized pile of broken gold jewelry. I'll take that to the mall next time I go and sell it. I didn't manage to move the dresser to get all the dirt and crap underneath. I'm too tired and out of spoons. The only thing I have left in that room is the upper shelf in my closet. I need Joe's help for all of that, so I MAY get to it this weekend...then again. I may not. Busy weekend ahead.

The basket to the right of the dresser is a pile of wool sweaters that: 1 need washing (so I need to get a sweater dryer) and 2 need a home. My sweater drawers are full.

I don't feel like I got as much done today as I have the previous days. But I think that's due to the fact that I'm actually having to find homes for things. When I started, I could just throw things in the general area where they belong. I'm running out of that generic space and have to find homes for things. I am not looking forward to the spare room. There's an incredible amount of stuff in there. It ended up being a dumping ground. And I have to have it cleaned up by the 1st.

Elli and Gwen get back late Monday Night. I've made arrangements for them and Gray to attend camp at school starting tuesday. I can distract one child from what Ike is doing. I can't distract 3. This also gives me a week to either purge more...or rest.

Purge 2012

Jun. 7th, 2012 07:42 pm
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Tomorrow's objective I think...

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My toes match Gwen's shoes

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Must of eaten too much sugar yesterday. I'm seriously craving it tonight. But I'm going to say no. I want to say yes...'cause I really want that cheesecake in the freezer. But I know if I go down that path, I'll feel like crap....and it will take a week (or more) to snap out of it.

Bleh. Exercising the will. Whee.


May. 19th, 2012 01:57 pm
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Who in the hell thought it would be a great idea to put wheat in Altoids??? Seriously?

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Watching the children play when they don't realize I'm watching.


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